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How to Use Placeit to Create a Logo Reveal Video (Animated Sting)

Adding motion graphics to a project can instantly make it seem more professional, but it’s hard if you don’t have the software or skills yet to work an advanced program like After Effects or Apple Motion. Fear not, with this tutorial and a little help from our sister site, Placeit, you can now create professional-quality animations online, no animation suite needed.

How to Create a Quick Logo Reveal Video

Placeit has an easy-to use logo reveal animation builder. Here’s how it works:

1. Pick a Template

First, pick a template that works with your project. For this example, I’ve selected the template Logo
Animation – Logo Behind Wave
(it has a nice and swooshy wave motif).

2. Resize Your Logo

Resize your image to be 1800px by 1000px in Photoshop or a similar program. You don’t have to do this as you’ll be given a crop option later, but it’ll make sure you have it looking how you want it. If your logo needs transparency around it, remember to save as a PNG file.

For my example, I’m using Photography
Logo Templates
from Elements.

resize your logo
Resize your logo

3. Upload Your Logo and Audio Files

Hit upload and add your resized, saved image. You can add an audio track to your logo reveal too.
I’m not going to do that right now, but you can find some great new audio
over at Envato Elements.

upload and crop
Upload and crop

Once uploaded, the site will pop up with your logo asking
you to crop to the desired size – you can essentially zoom in and out within
the set frame size

4. Generate The Reveal

Once your image has uploaded, you’ll be able to click the
Generate button and you’ll get a notification that your video is being

hit generate
Hit generate to start it processing your video

You’ll then see a working preview of your logo reveal and
you can go ahead and hit download!

5. Add the Logo Reveal to Your Video

You are done! Head over to your editor and import the new logo animation video file to use the animation with your video project.



More Great Logo Reveal Templates

Placeit is packed full of great logo reveals to help your video look its best. Here are a few more.

1. Logo
Animation – Bubbly Logo Absorbed

Bubbly Logo Absorbed is a nice black and white, classic logo
reveal, perfect for injecting a little fun into your video.

Logo Animation - Bubbly Logo Absorbed
Logo Animation – Bubbly Logo Absorbed

2. Logo
Animation – Logo Floating Over Blue Halo

A simple but effective logo reveal, Logo Floating Over Blue
is a gentle turn and zoom motion on a black background with subtle blue glow.  

 Logo Animation - Logo Floating Over Blue Halo
Logo Animation – Logo Floating Over Blue Halo

3. Logo
Reveal with Futuristic Graphics

Diamonds are Futuristic Graphics’ best friend and you’lll find
them in abundance here… in the form of animation, that is.

Logo Reveal with Futuristic Graphics
Logo Reveal with Futuristic Graphics

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