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20 Clean PowerPoint Templates With Minimalist Designs (For 2019)

Choosing the right PowerPoint design to wow your
audience can be a challenge. Modern, minimal presentation designs are a good
way to impress. Consider using clean, minimalist PowerPoint template for your
next professional presentation to save time and create an attractive
professional presentation.

Minimal web design is based on using clean lines
and making the most of white space. Presentations done with a minimalist design
tend to leave the viewer with a positive impression. Minimalist design is also
a good way to get your audience to focus on what’s really important in your
presentation without any distracting clutter.

It’s vital to get your audience’s attention, so
you need to create the best presentation possible—and design is a big part of that. One of the best ways to ensure that your
presentation looks great and also to save time is to use a PowerPoint template.
A great template gives you a good head start on your project and a modern
PowerPoint design means it’ll look fantastic when you’re done.

Best Minimalist PowerPoint Templates on Envato
Elements (With Unlimited Use)

If you’re looking for a great
PowerPoint presentation
, consider Envato Elements. You can find
hundreds of great PowerPoint presentations. And the Envato Elements offer is a
bargain: download as many templates as you want (and other design elements as
well) for one low monthly price.

simple clean powerpoint templates
You can find hundreds of simple PPT templates on Envato Elements.

The premium clean
PowerPoint templates
featured in this article are from Envato
Elements and they’re designed especially with your needs in mind. Each template
allows you to customize quickly to add your own business ideas, insert your
information, and otherwise make the template your own.

These modern PowerPoint templates will work for a wide
variety of presentation needs, including:

  • pitch decks
  • business plans
  • product vision
  • training sessions
  • and more!

Each professionally designed minimalist template
is ready-to-use with pre-built slides for your presentation. Just download a
template and start adding your own data, images and information. It’s that

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It’s also important that you know how to go
through the process of making an effective presentation. To help you with that,
we’re offering our new eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations.
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the complete guide to  making great presentations

Popular Envato Elements Minimalist PowerPoint Templates

Here’s a some of the best new minimalist
PowerPoint templates with a clean design. These are some of our most popular
modern PowerPoint Designs:

1. Onnet – Simple PowerPoint Template 

Onnet PowerPoint Template

This flexible minimalist PPT template is suitable for a wide
variety of industries. It’s perfect whether you’re in finance, a creative
field, education, or just need to create a presentation. It comes with 30
unique slides. There are also three premade colors themes—with a light and
dark version of each. Documentation is also included so you can get started

2. Business – Simple PowerPoint

simple PowerPoint template

If you like variety, you’ll love this clean PowerPoint
template. It’s based on master slides for design consistency. It also includes
the following features:

  • 30 ready-to-use icon slides 
  • more than 15 PSD mockup files
  • 50 premade color schemes
  • 300 unique slides

3. Clean Presentation

clean PowerPoint template

This clean PowerPoint template has all the
little extras that’ll help your presentation to make maximum impact. Features
like built-in animations and transitions are sure to capture your viewer’s
attention. Choose from 50 unique slides. Plus, this template is super easy to
use—drag and drop your photos and images to replace
the placeholders.

4. Claude Clean & Business Template 

clean business template

You’ll love this beautifully-designed modern
PowerPoint template. It’s sure to attract the attention of your audience and
help you to get your message across. Choose between monochrome and colorful
versions of this template. Drag-and-drop your images over the placeholders to
add them quickly. Plus, there are infographics, charts, and icons.

5. SIMPLE – PowerPoint Presentation Template

simple PowerPoint template

Don’t miss this unique multipurpose presentation
template with a modern PowerPoint design. It’s got all the bells and whistles
to help you make a top-notch slide show including popular infographic layouts
such as flow charts, process diagrams, and mind maps. It’s also based on free
fonts for your convenience.

While Envato Elements is a great deal, if you’d
rather buy new PowerPoint templates individually (instead of getting unlimited
access to hundreds of presentation designs and other design assets), consider
the selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace showcased below.

Great Modern PowerPoint Templates From GraphicRiver

We’ve also got a huge number of modern professional
PowerPoint presentation templates on GraphicRiver (available for individual sale). These clean
PowerPoint templates
are all designed to make your presentation look
great. You can use them to make a new presentation today.

clean PowerPoint templates
You can find hundreds of modern PPT templates to download on GraphicRiver.

Here are fifteen of our best modern PowerPoint templates from GraphicRiver, ready for you to customize today:

1. Clean Luxea PowerPoint

clean PowerPoint template

This new, clean PowerPoint template could be
just what you’re looking for to create the perfect presentation. It’s easy to
update with drag-and-drop editing. Change the color scheme with a single click.
Plus, you’ll find over 70 unique slide designs. If you’ve got questions, you’ll
love the free 24/7 support offered with this one.

2. Modern Clean PowerPoint

modern PowerPoint design

This minimalist PowerPoint template features a
modern design that you’ll love. Plus, you’ll find it’s the perfect presentation
design for a wide variety of business and personal uses. It comes with a lot of
extras such as a pack including over 1000 icons as well as various maps and
infographics. This one’s a breeze to customize.

3. Clean Marketing

clean PowerPoint template

You’ll love the choices that come with this modern
PowerPoint template. The download includes:

  • editable maps, infographics, and icons 
  • 19 color schemes
  •  465 different slides
  • over 1000 vector icons
  • and more!

4. Clean Professional Presentation

clean professional presentation template

This simple PowerPoint template lends an air of
modern elegance to any presentation. It features a wide variety of handmade
infographics to give your slideshow the edge it needs. The professional design
will help you to make just the right impression with any audience. Plus, the
data charts can be updated through Excel.

5. Clean Pitch Deck 

clean pitch deck

Here’s a clean PowerPoint template that’s sure to please.
With the huge variety of color options available it’ll be easy to brand your presentation
to match your business color scheme. Plus, all the images are ready for you to
drag and drop your own pictures and graphics over the placeholders. And,
there’s no need to install fonts.

6. Business Clean

business clean PowerPoint template

The Business Clean PowerPoint template could be
just what you’re looking for to create that very important presentation. These
professionally-designed slides include everything you need from case study slides to
pricing slides to portfolio slides to infographics and more. This one comes
with PDF instructions and technical support.

7. Voxy Clean PowerPoint

Voxy Clean PowerPoint template

Here’s one of the best simple PowerPoint
templates we’ve got. This clean and modern presentation design features over 50
pre-built color schemes. Change color schemes with a single click. This one is very
easy to edit. The design includes image placeholders. Simply drag and drop your
own image over a placeholder to replace.

8. Clean PowerPoint Template

clean PowerPoint template design

The Clean PowerPoint template has become a
customer favorite with a five-star rating and tons of positive reviews. Here’s
just some of what our clients say about this one:

“Looks great, well designed and professional.”

” I´m so pleased with this product, It´s really professional and
timesaving since I can concentrate on my areas of expertise.

I recommend this to

9. PowerPoint Clean Presentation

PowerPoint Clean Presentation

This modern and clean PowerPoint template has quite
a bit going for it. You’ll love the effective use of white space on this one. Holding
the audience’s attention is the challenge of every presenter. This one includes
transition and animation effects sure to be noticed. Plus, it’s easy to
customize and based only on free fonts for your convenience.

10. Clean Minimal PowerPoint

clean minimalist PowerPoint template

This simple PowerPoint template makes effective
use of both a minimalist design and color for an elegant, professional effect. The
charts, diagrams, and maps can help you get your message across in a way that’s
visually appealing and easy to understand. The slide designs are drag-and-drop
ready and easy to edit.

11. Pitch Deck Clean Business PowerPoint

Pitch Deck Clean PowerPoint Template

Are you looking for a pitch deck template that’s
clean and effective? If so, this professionally-designed PowerPoint template
may be just what you need. It includes over 250 slide designs, each of which is
easy to personalize with your own data. It also features some cool eye-catching
effects such as full animation and transitions.

12. Clean Template

clean PowerPoint template design

Here’s a gorgeous modern-design PowerPoint
template that you’re going to love! No matter what type of information you need
to present, this template has a slide design for that. From case studies to
pricing slides to portfolios to timelines, you’re sure to find the right slide design for you.

13. Clean Business Pitch Deck

Clean Business Pitch Deck

This PowerPoint pitch desk template features a
clean and modern look that’ll work for many different business presentations.
This is a great option if you need to include charts or infographics with your
presentation. The template download includes many popular infographic options
including product mockups, maps, and much more!

14. Clean Pitch Deck – Unique & Complete
Slides Deck

Clean Pitch Deck

Don’t overlook this newer template option as it
has a lot to offer. It boasts a clean design with lots of features. There are
over 1000 vector icons included with the template and over 400 slides. Plus,
you can choose between over 50 different color schemes. Whatever your
presentation need, there’s something in this template for you.

15. Practical – Clean PowerPoint Presentation

Practical Clean PowerPoint Presentation

Here’s a modern PowerPoint template with plenty
of top-notch features. The download includes:

  • 76 unique slide designs
  • creative slides
  • business slides
  • device mockups
  • and more!

Three Tips to Help You Make Better Presentations

Your PowerPoint presentation is important and it needs to be the best it can be. That’s one of the reasons you’re looking at PowerPoint templates. Here are three more tips to help you create a powerful presentation:

1. End Strong

The ending of your presentation is crucial. It’s the last thing your audience will see, so it needs to be memorable. This tutorial can help you learn how to make presentations with strong endings:

2. Add Animations

Animations are a quick and easy way to capture your audience’s attention. Learn how to add them to your presentations in this tutorial:

3. Learn the Presentation-Writing Process

There’s a process to writing a good presentation. Learn the process in this tutorial (and don’t forget to check out our eBook below):

Download Our Free PDF eBook on Making Great

We’ve got a great resource to help you make your
presentations even better. Download The Complete Guide to Making Great
now for FREE with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter.
Get your ideas formed into a powerful presentation that’ll move your audience.

download free presentation ebook

Grab a PowerPoint Template Today!

Use one of these modern PowerPoint designs to
strengthen your next presentation, or take advantage of the wide variety of modern
presentation templates
available for sale on Envato Elements or
GraphicRiver. Besides the clean
PowerPoint templates
you’ve seen here, we also have a number of
pitch deck designs to choose from as well as infographics, timelines and other
specialized templates.

Grab one of these clean PowerPoint templates
today, learn how to customize it quickly, and use it to make your next
presentation shine.