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5 Amazing Assets for Engaging Event Video

Whether you’re filming a dry corporate event, an exciting music gig, or anything in between, get the best out of your footage by trying some of our 5 Amazing Assets for Engaging Event Video.

1. Luxury Event

Are you filming an award
ceremony, charity auction or something equally glamorous? Blow your client
away with these Luxury Event Titles for Adobe After Effects. Gorgeous gold
thread effects will highlight your messages while keeping the overall look subtle
and full of class.

Luxury Event Titles
Luxury Event Titles

2. Event Promo

Try this simple After Effects promo template to give an
overview of your event in a visually interesting, stylish way. Great as use for
a tease or as an after-event ‘highlights’ template until you’ve finished your
larger project.

Event Promo
Event Promo

3. Minimal
Glitch Titles Pack + 30 Glitch Sound Effects

For a modern, funky event promo, try adding these Minimal
Glitch Titles
. We sometimes associate glitch with retro, film styles but these
are contemporary, bright and creative. Sound effects are included with this

Minimal Glitch Titles Pack  30 Glitch Sound Effects
Minimal Glitch Titles Pack + 30 Glitch Sound Effects

4. Minimal Event

For those slower-paced events like company talks and conferences,
try Minimal Event for After Effects. This template manages to be corporate
whilst, importantly, not being boring. There’s a video tutorial included to
help you use this download.

Minimal Event
Minimal Event

5. Exceptional
Parallax Slideshow

Fast-paced, exciting and cinematic, the Exceptional Parallax
would work great to promote those events that have an element of fun and
anticipation. You won’t need plugins to use this template, and it’s well-organised,
meaning it’ll be quick and easy to get started.

Exceptional Parallax Slideshow
Exceptional Parallax Slideshow

Each asset here is
from Envato
, where you can download
unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Tips for Event Video

  • Avoid autofocus
    when the light is low, or it will pulse in and out to try and find your subject
    every time they move. Learn
    how to manually focus effectively
  • Don’t wing it.
    Sometimes you won’t have a choice, but control the things you can, like visiting
    the venue prior to the event, getting a running order and making sure you leave
    plenty of time to get to where you need to be.
  • When
    it comes to editing, how you put together your piece will determine how it’s received
    Even if you’re shooting a (dull) conference, tell a story and try to engage the
  • Take spares of
    everything it’s possible to have spares for! At an event you generally only get
    one shot at getting it right, so give yourself the best chance of doing a great
  • If your event has
    sound, then try and tap into the PA. If this isn’t possible, make sure you invest
    in a good microphone setup
    and put it as close to the audio source as

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