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5 Amazing Assets for Perfect Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving is close, and what better way to make your day
memorable than by creating a great project you can share with friends and
family. Whether it’s a film your making, or just great photographs, here are
our 5 Amazing Assets for Thanksgiving to help you create memories that will
last a lifetime.

1. Vintage
Thanksgiving Landscape

Perfect as a title card for
your video, as part of a table decoration if you’re feeling creative, or to use
as a greeting card for your friends and family, the Vintage Thanksgiving Landscape
is a stunning graphic in a traditional woodcut style.

Vintage Thanksgiving Landscape
Vintage Thanksgiving Landscape

2. Seasonal
Scene Creator Volume 1

Mock up your own themed graphics with the Seasonal Scene
for Adobe Photoshop. Create something special to send out to friends,
or jazz up your social media for the thanksgiving season with gorgeous autumnal
colours and themed objects.

Seasonal Scene Creator Volume 1
Seasonal Scene Creator Volume 1

3. Man
Carving Turkey on Holiday Dinner

Carving the turkey is an image that springs to most minds
when you think of Thanksgiving – add this stock footage to your project and makes mouths water! 

Man Carving Turkey on Holiday Dinner
Man Carving Turkey on Holiday Dinner

4. Falling Leaves Fill Screen

Nothing says autumn quite like falling leaves. This overlay
with alpha channel will give your Thanksgiving project character and style.
There are three versions which end in filling the screen with leaves – just drop
them onto your film.

Falling Leaves Fill Screen Overlay
Falling Leaves Fill Screen Overlay

5. Autumn Action

If you’re thinking about making a slideshow of your family
photographs this Thanksgiving, then check out the Autumn Action set for Photoshop. Four actions will give your pictures an extra seasonal feel with warm, dry
colours. The pack also includes a few bonus actions!

Autumn Action
Autumn Action

Each asset here is
from Envato
, where you can download
unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Top Tips

  • Try making
    a still life
    scene. There are tons of inspirational items at this time of
    year – bring in leaves, pine cones and gourds for a real autumnal feel.
  • Remember
    the details
    . Group shots are great but if you’re thinking about creating a
    project, then remember to pick up closeups of decorations, lights and food.
  • Get ‘behind the
    scenes’ footage and photos. It doesn’t all need to look perfect, so capture the
    frantic meal preparing, the kids running riot and the things that go ‘wrong.’
  • Chances are you’ll
    have some soft, festive lighting. It can be difficult to photograph or film in
    this kind of light, so learn
    how to make the most of your environmental lighting
    and include flash or
    extra lights where needed.
  • Be present. It’s fun
    to photograph holidays and events and the results bring back great memories,
    but remember to actually be there, engage, and enjoy yourself.

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