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A Guide to Selecting Email Templates for eCommerce

One of the biggest challenges of eCommerce is driving
traffic to your website; the “simple” idea being to get people to browse your site and
convert their visits into sales. Email marketing can be an effective method for
doing this.

After all, if someone has made the effort to sign up for
your mailing list, they must have some interest in your offerings. From there,
it’s a matter of providing a compelling reason to click through to your
website. Showcasing sales, special offers and new products are all great ways
to entice customers.

This is where the right email template can make all the
difference. It’s important that your template looks good, is easy to read and
mobile-friendly. Above all, you’ll want to use a template that helps to get
your message across in an appealing manner.

With that in mind, let’s explore some features to look for
when choosing an email template for your store. Along the way, we’ll show you
some fantastic selections that are available from Envato Market.

top selling marketing email templates on Envato Market
Top selling marketing email templates on Envato Market

1. Make Sure It’s Easy to Customize

A unique business requires an equally unique email template.
Therefore, you’ll want to look for one that offers several customizable
options. For example, many templates include access to online “builder” apps
that let you drag-and-drop various items onto a canvas. This gives you control
over the look and layout, but without having to touch code.

Kant - Responsive Email for Startups 50 Sections  Online Builder  MailChimp  Mailster  Shopify
Kant – Responsive Email for Startups

KANT is an incredibly versatile template. It works in
conjunction with a builder app that features 50+ content and layout sections.
There are ten template designs included, plus templates for Shopify transactional emails (abandoned cart, purchase confirmation, customer account invite, shipping confirmation, and many more). KANT will give you the
flexibility to create something that accurately represents your brand.

2. It Should Offer Robust Compatibility

Compatibility is of the utmost importance. Sending out a
beautiful email won’t be very effective if isn’t compatible with the mail
readers your customers use. Likewise, you’ll also want a template that will
work with your mailing list service. Take a look at the template’s
documentation to ensure its features can be viewed by as many people as

E-Commerce Responsive Email with Mailchimp Editor  StampReady Builder
E-Commerce Responsive Email

Take E-CommerceResponsive Email, for example. This fully-responsive template works
with email services such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. In addition, it’s
compatible with a wide range of desktop and mobile email apps. This provides
extra peace of mind in knowing that what you send is what they’ll see.

3. Your Products Must Stand Out

Attention spans are short. So, when it comes to design,
you’ll want your products to take center stage. A great eCommerce email
template will be uncluttered, helping your customers focus on product images
and related text.


offers 28 unique templates, but they all feature a clean and easy-to-read
layout. They also make wonderful use of color contrast and whitespace. This
approach really brings attention to the most important aspects of your message.

4. Ensure it Creates the Right Mood

Emotion plays an important role in shopping. That’s why
branding materials, including emails, should be designed to evoke a response. However,
the techniques you use to accomplish this can vary depending on your business. For
example, a camping outfitter may use images and colors that reflect nature. On
the other hand, a high-fashion brand might opt for a bold and classy look. It’s
all about designing for your audience.

Deluxe - Fashion Store  Ecommerce Email Newsletter Template
Deluxe – Fashion Store & Ecommerce Email Newsletter Template

Speaking of fashion, Deluxe
is an email template that fits perfectly into this niche. The design was
crafted to help you showcase the latest looks. It features a selection of five
tasteful templates that are sure to provoke a positive response from your

5. Check Your Email Template is Fully Hackable

Even the best email templates won’t fit every need right out
of the box. And, while online builder apps are handy, there may be times when
you want to take things further. If you’re interested making more detailed
changes, consider a template that includes assets like HTML and PSD files. This
will allow you to take full control over the look and layout. You’ll be able to
create the perfect match for your store.


Template hackers will love SHOP,
as it includes everything needed to make the design your own. You’ll find a
fully-layered PSD file for making design tweaks in Photoshop. And a
clearly-commented HTML file will facilitate any necessary code edits.

Send Something Great!

Well-crafted emails can be a huge factor in your eCommerce
store’s success. That’s why it’s vital to find the right email template. It can
put you on a path towards increasing sales and building customer loyalty.

Look for a template that reflects the mood you want to
create through a striking design. Also pay special attention to compatibility,
customization options and any extra design assets that are included.

Once you’ve found the right fit, focus on adding
great content. Then, sit back and watch your sales soar.