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5 Amazing After Effects Assets for Tech Review Videos

Unboxing videos and tech reviews are popular—a great way to gain an audience—but it’s also a competitive scene. If you’ve developed good technique and interesting reviews, adding some polish to your production can help increase the trust and authority viewers see in you.

In this round-up, we cover five helpful review video templates and resources for After Effects available from Elements, Envato’s subscription service for creatives. Everything covered here is available as part of the Elements subscription.

1. Hi-Tech Logo
Reveal 02

What better for a tech
review video than a hi-tech logo to go with it? This download for After Effects is modern and funky
whilst still being short and simple enough not to distract from your brand.

Hi-Tech Logo Reveal 02
Hi-Tech Logo Reveal 02

2. Flat Design

Infographic packs are invaluable for many productions. In a
tech review, you often need to demonstrate facts, figures, numbers and
comparisons and you want to make sure you do that in a way that interests and
engages your audience, not bores them! The Flat Design Infographics pack for
Adobe After Effects looks great visually and has everything you’ll need.

Flat Design Infographics
Flat Design Infographics

3. Product Review
& Promo

If you’re looking for a great all-in-one template, then
Product Review & Promo for After Effects has it all. Simple to add your own
photos, text and video, it’s a great way to start out before moving onto your
own style as your skills improve.

Product Review  Promo
Product Review & Promo

4. Star Rating Pack

Reviewing something often means scoring it. Check out the
Star Rating Pack for After Effects with five different 3D animations, rotating
stars and timing options.

Star Rating Pack
Star Rating Pack

5. 60 Video
Production Icons

This set of 60 Video Production Icons pretty much covers the
whole production process, with everything from cameras and film reels, to
editing and YouTube. They’re a great way to inject some personality into your

60 Video Production Icons
60 Video Production Icons

Each asset here is
from Envato
, where you can download
unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Tips for Tech Videos

  • Know
    your audience
    and try to cover a small area well, rather than doing too much
    and spreading yourself thin, and remember to let
    your personality shine though
  • Post consistently. If
    you post five videos one week and then nothing for three months, you’ll find it hard
    to keep your fan-base.
  • Be prepared to
    borrow or buy if you want to review new tech. You’d need to be a well-established
    brand before any major companies will send you anything.
  • Get good at taking product
    photos and video
    . Creators of high-priced tech goods won’t thank you for
    making their product look like cheap trash, even if your review is good!
  • If you’re adding
    voiceover or presenting, don’t wing it. Write down what you want to say and
    either learn it so you can speak naturally, or think
    about using a teleprompter

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