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5 Amazing Assets for Fabulously Frightening Halloween Photos and Video

It’s almost Halloween, so dust off your tacky ornaments and your weird and wonderful costumes and start getting into the spooky spirit. Here, we have five of our favourite Halloween-themed assets for photo and video, as well as some of our top tips, to help your project have maximum impact.

1. Vampire
Photoshop Action

Freak out your friends and
family by turning them (or you!) into a scary-looking vampire. The Adobe Photoshop action pack
contains ten options so you can play around with the result to get something a
little different every time.

Vampire Photoshop Action
Vampire Photoshop Action

2. Pumpkin’s Brush

Who doesn’t love pumpkins? They’re adorable, and whether you
just like eating them in the autumn, or prefer to carve out your own lantern,
they’re a big part of this time of year for many of us. Try Pumpkin’s Brush font
to add some fun to your autumnal projects this year.

Pumpkins Brush
Pumpkin’s Brush

3. Devilishly
Cool Halloween PSD Brushes

Add a touch of mystery to
your Halloween project with these brushes for Photoshop. There are 26 to choose
from, including grave markers, pumpkins and witches.

Devilishly Cool Halloween PSD Brushes
Devilishly Cool Halloween PSD Brushes

4. Clown
Photoshop Action

Clowns. Urgh. The perfect,
creepy Halloween frightener, use this Photoshop action to turn portraits into
clowns. It comes with ten different colour options, but who cares: anything you
choose will be seriously creepy.

Clown Photoshop Action
Clown Photoshop Action

5. Halloween Special

With a spooky old horror movie look and more modern, colourful
options too, the Halloween Special Promo for Adobe After Effects is the perfect
intro or promo to your fun, themed movie.

Halloween Special Promo
Halloween Special Promo

Each asset here is
from Envato
, where you can download
unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Tips for Halloween Images

  • Use props. There’s
    so much fun stuff around at Halloween, don’t be afraid to go wild when you’re dressing
    your set.
  • Get to grips with using
    ISO effectively
    and also utilising
    . Chances are, you’ll be shooting in low light conditions.
  • Capture
    . It doesn’t matter whether you’re shooting a kids’ Halloween party
    or filming a spooky cemetery, remember to pick up some close-up shots, too.
  • Autumn is full of gorgeous
    colours, but don’t be afraid to experiment
    with black and white
    , too. Those high-contrast shots can really emphasise the
  • Play with long
    to create ‘ghost’ pictures!

Bonus Tutorial: How to Make a Zombie Portrait in Photoshop

In this short lesson, learn how to quickly turn any portrait (even your pets!) into a scary zombie using a Photoshop action.

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