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5 Amazing Assets for Fantastic Fitness Vlogs

Fitness vlogs and
blogs are so popular, with everything from enthusiastic runners to
cross-country cyclists, we get breathless just thinking about it! If you’re into fitness, you’ll love this instalment of 5 Amazing Assets from Envato Elements, plus our top tips on making your vlog a success.

1. Power
Fitness Logo Intro

The Power Fitness Logo
for Adobe After Effects is a high impact opener, perfect for fitness vlogs
or gym businesses. There’s a tutorial included in case you get stuck, but it’s
easy to set up and you won’t need any plug-ins.

Power Fitness Logo Intro
Power Fitness Logo Intro

2. Fitness
Center With Exercise Machines

Including some stock footage in your fitness vlog can work
as a useful cutaway between sections, or even just to place while you talk
about something specific, like this clip of a Fitness Center With Exercise

Fitness Center With Exercise Machines
Fitness Center With Exercise Machines

3. Clean
Titles & Lower Thirds | MOGRT for Premiere Pro

Clean and bold, this lower
thirds set for Adobe Premiere Pro is a 4 pack of fully customisable graphics.
Use them to introduce guests, or even just as a descriptor to highlight places or
products in your vlog.

Clean Titles  Lower Thirds  MOGRT for Premiere Pro
Clean Titles & Lower Thirds | MOGRT for Premiere Pro

4. Bear Gym Logo

The Bear Gym Logo Template
for Adobe Illustrator is great for a gym, fitness blog or other health and
lifestyle outlet. If you expand, it’s the kind of design that will look great
on promotional branding, uniforms and kit bags.

Bear Gym Logo Template
Bear Gym Logo Template

5. Aggressive
Sport Opener

The Aggressive Sport Opener is a high-energy, well organised
template for After Effects. There are 20 placeholders for text and 20 for video
– just drag and drop!

Aggressive Sport Opener
Aggressive Sport Opener

Each asset here is
from Envato
, where you can download
unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

Tuts+ Tips for Fitness Vlogs

  • Keep it positive – no-one likes a lecture and particularly
    when you’re talking about bodies and fitness it can be a delicate balance.
  • Try not to be too niche and conversely, not too ill-defined.
    If you can grow a fanbase without being exclusive then you can quickly become
    the expert in your field. There’s always time to branch out or widen your scope
  • Post consistently. It’s unlikely anyone will follow your
    vlog if you upload five in a week and then nothing for six months. Short and often
    is the key, so do what you can reasonably manage.
  • Give back to your audience. Rather than just letting them
    follow your journey, help with things like meal plans, training schedules and advice
    on equipment.
  • As with all vlogs, get your sound
    and your visuals right. That means investing
    in good, but not necessarily expensive, kit

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