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20+ Cool Google Slides Themes (To Make Presentations in 2018)

Do you have an important presentation coming up really soon? Then you need to get your presentation designed right away!

Now’s the time to plan out your ideas fast, then figure out how to transform them into compelling slide designs that will move your audience.

It’s a whole lot quicker to start with a great presentation design. Also, not just any design, but a professional presentation template set that’s made with vibrant, trending styles for 2018.

Cool Google Slides theme Gallia with fresh 2017 presentation design
Cool Google Slides theme Gallia (fresh presentation design made for 2018). 

In this article, we feature a curated selection of cool Google Slides themes from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. They’re designed to help make your ideas stand out with current trends for 2018. They come with: beautiful layouts, hand-crafted graphics, and multiple modern presentation options you can work with swiftly.

The Best Cool Google Slides Themes on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You can find hundreds of the best Google Slides presentation templates on Envato Elements, with a great offer: download as many as you want for one low price. 

Each of the many modern Google Slides themes from Envato Elements have hundreds of creative presentation options. They feature new, trending designs and are packed with professional options. 

Cool new Google Slides presentation templates on Envato Elements
 Hundreds of cool (new) Google Slides presentation templates on Envato Elements.

These ready-to-customize, modern Google drive presentation themes have unique slide designs with great visuals to choose from for 2018. You can use them to showcase the important ideas in your presentation with pre-built slides to showcase your:

  • key concepts
  • charts and graphs
  • modern images

Just add your unique presentation ideas, creative graphics, and key data to these already visually-impactful slide designs. Quickly customize your presentation slide designs, create a professional Google presentation, and you’re ready to move your audience.  Learn how to start working with Google Slides

Cool Google Slides Theme Inspiration (New From Envato Elements – For 2018)

Here are a handful of the best new google drive presentation themes (with awesome slide designs for presenting your fresh ideas) that are trending on Envato Elements: 

1. Nors – Modern Google Slides Theme Design (For 2018)

Nors Cool Modern Google Slides Theme Design

This is a modern and minimal Google Slides presentation template. This clean and creative layout gives you many possibilities to leverage your creativity. It comes with 130+ unique and creative slides and beautiful graphics. You can edit everything very easy in Google Slides and transform your ideas into a great presentation quickly.

2. Koba – Google Drive Slides Presentation Themes

Koba Clean Google Drive Slides Presentation Themes

With over 100 unique Google Drive theme design slides, this clean presentation set has the modern elements and clear information design to help your best ideas stand out. It’s easy to add your unique concepts to, with ready-to-use object placeholders, resizable graphics, cool animations, and more. Use it to make an inspirational Google Slides presentation fast!

3. Creative – Google Slides Presentation Template Design

Creative Google Slides Presentation Template Design

You can scour the web searching for just the right free Google Slides presentation theme, it’s hard to find a professional design that will be as cool and professional as this Creative Google Slides Template. It’s made to present a creative agency presentation with and can be used to showcase your ideas in a modern design. It’s packs with creative slides, pixel-perfect design elements, stylish infographics, and more.

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements Unlimited Design
Envato Elements – Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of creative graphics and templates (with unlimited use), from web themes to presentation templates, and more—all for one low price. 

Envato Elements Pricing
Envato Elements subscription options.

That’s right! Download as many creative templates and graphics as you want, then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

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While Envato Elements is a powerful option, if you prefer to buy new Google Slides templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative slide designs), check out the selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace below.

Quickly Discover the Best Google Slides Themes From GraphicRiver (For 2018)

On the GraphicRiver marketplace you can quickly find the best-selling Google Slides themes of the last year or discover those themes for Google Slides that are trending this week:

Best Google Slides Themes on GraphicRiver with cool designs
Best-selling Google Slides themes on GraphicRiver, with cool trending designs.

There are hundreds of Google Drive presentation themes to choose from. You can narrow down your search, and filter by categories like: modern, creative, minimal, and more. Or, continue on to browse through the top Google presentation themes that are trending now in 2018.

18 Cool Google Slides Themes (Trending in 2018)

If you have a bold, creative set of ideas to present, then you need a cool presentation design to deliver it with. Here are the coolest themes for Google Slides that are in-style and moving fast on GraphicRiver:

1. Hipster – Cool Google Slides Presentation Theme

Hipster Cool Google Slides Presentation Theme

The Hipster theme for Google Slides has a number of innovative design features for 2018, such as layered photography, clean fonts, and modern aesthetics—all mixed and matched with hip design elements. 

This cool presentation set comes with 100 slide design layouts. It’s made with a great blend of vibrant modern styles to help you bring your ideas together for impact.

Learn how to quickly set up the Hipster Google Slides theme and customize its slide designs for your presentation:

2. Verzus – Minimal Google Slides Template Set 2018

Verzus Minimal Google Slides Template Design

This is a flexible presentation theme made for Google Slides. It comes with a great set of 200 slide layouts. It’s packed with stylish design elements, such as: bold text choice, with multiple image layouts, custom infographics, unique graphic icons, and more. Grab this cool set of presentation templates and make them your own!  

3. Simplex Slides – Modern (2018) Theme for Google Slides

Simplex Slides Modern Theme for Google Slides

With the Simplex minimal Google Slides theme, you have everything you need to make a powerful and compelling presentation in 2018. Work with over 250 modern slides that come loaded with: tons of elements, layouts, maps, device mockups, infographics, charts (editable in Excel), and unique vector icons.

4. Transparency Slides – Cool Themes for Google Drive Slides

Transparency Slides Cool Themes for Google Drive Slides

Featuring a beautiful set of over 360 unique slides designs, and trendy transparency style effects, this cool Google Drive Slides themes is a great presentation set to put use in 2018. It has tons of graphic assets to work with, like maps, infographics, cropped photos, and modern typography. That way you can present your ideas best!

5. Swift – Minimal Google Presentation Template for 2018

Swift Minimal Cool Google Presentation Template for 2017

Swift makes building your presentation in Google Drive Slides easy. It comes with simple, stylish designs, loads of templates to work with: infographics, mockups, lots of layout options, and more. Create a powerful and professional presentation deck fast.

6. Marketofy – Ultimate Google Slides Theme Design

Marketofy Best Cool Google Slides Theme Design

This is one of the most popular presentation themes for Google Slides on GraphicRiver. It’s a versatile set of over 200 unique slide designs, with infographics, and high-end features. You can use it to design a marketing presentation, deliver a pitch, present for tech, education, and more.

7. Investor Pitch Deck – 2018 Cool Google Slides Template

Investor Pitch Deck Cool Google Slides Template

This multipurpose Google Drive presentation theme comes with hundreds of great slide designs. Whether you need to make a creative presentation with colorful infographics or design a deck that will wow investors, this template set has you covered for 2018. It has some great user feedback as well, such as “Super Slides. Covers everything you can possibly need in a presentation.”

8. Be Slides – Modern Google Presentation Theme Design

Be Slides Modern Google Presentation Theme Design

This elegant modern presentation design set, has plenty of professional slide layouts to make your presentation with in Google Slides. It’s fully edible and quick to customize, with innovative designs, ready to use text and photo placeholders, as well as unique infographics and maps.

9. Four – Cool Google Slides Presentation Theme for 2018

Four Cool Google Slides Presentation Theme

This Google Drive Slides presentation template has unique colors, innovative slide layouts, and is setup with professional fonts, icons, and animations. This cool set of designs is ready to use in 2018 for a multitude of presentation types: from digital agency presentations, to business pitches, or marketing updates.

10. Gallia – Creative Google Slide Presentation Template

Gallia Creative Google Slide Presentation Template

This is a gorgeous set of cool themes for making Google Slides presentations. It has a number of design features that are on trend for 2018, like plenty of device mockups, minimal layout options, creative brush shaped slides, as well as great use of shapes, typography, and photos.

11. Creative Business – Google Slide 2018 Template Design

Creative Business Google Slide Presentation Template Design

If you have a creative business presentation to give, then this Google Slides theme is a top choice for 2018. It has 180 professionally designed slides, with cool animation affections, and easy to customize photo and text setup. You can drag and drop images, easily insert your info, and make it your own fast!

12. Clean – 2018 Modern Theme for Google Slides

Clean Modern Presentation Theme for Google Slides

This dynamic Google Drive presentation theme has all the options you’d want in a professional theme designed for modern presentations. It’s been updated recently and has plenty of minimal slide designs options, with great image and text paring, multiple layout options, and colorful infographics. You can also quickly set your ideas to motion with the included cool (full animation) effects.

13. Kyro – Cool Google Slide Presentation Theme (2018)

Kyro Cool Google Slide Presentation Theme Design

Kyro is a cool Google Slides template with a modern design. It has colorful, creative slides, with minimal sophistication. There are plenty of design layouts to work with and a dazzling array of styles to choose from. It comes with easy to edit infographics, drag and drop photo setup, and simple to use transition animations.

14. Archie – Creative Google Drive Slide Design Set

Archie Creative Google Drive Slide Design Set

The Archie Google Drive presentation template is modern, simple, and cool. It’s also highly versatile with 300 unique slides and professional design features. Whether you have a creative idea to deliver, an audience to wow with your new business concepts, or groundbreaking trends to update your team on, this modern presentation theme is ready to work with now!

15. Niki – 2018 Google Slides Presentation Template

Niki Cool Google Slides Presentation Template Design

This fresh Google Slides theme has a minimal aesthetic with features you need to make an impact in 2018. It has great use of typography and plenty of layouts the make use of interesting shapes and photo setups. You can present your new products, showcase your team, and make your ideas stand out quickly with this set of clean designs.

16. Elevate Slides – Cool Presentation Theme for Google Slides

Elevate Slides Cool Presentation Theme for Google Slides

The Elevate theme for Google Slides will help take your presentation to the next level. It has bold typography set against modern pastel colors, and uses graphic icons to help deliver concepts with clarity. It also packs in some great use of photos, tables, and subtle design elements that make it so unique.

17. Watchit Slides – Presentation Theme for Google Slides

Watchit Slides Presentation Theme for Google Slides

With everything you need to make a powerful presentation in Google Slides, Watchit Slides has you covered. It’s been recently updated and is loaded with over 110 modern slide layouts, and includes unique design elements like cool infographics and beautiful charts.

18. Fox – Ultimate Google Slides Cool Template for 2018

Fox Best 2017 Google Slides Cool Presentation Template

Fox is a modern Google drive theme for making minimal design styled presentation with quickly. This professional template set has a great blend of creativity presentation options, while making each slide easy for an audience to take in at first glance. 

It has over 400 unique and very cool slide designs to work with, as well as a ton of easy to use features you need. Grab this template and customize your presentation today!

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3 Cool Presentation Design Trends for 2018

If you want your presentation to feel creative and on target with a modern audience, then don’t rely on the default themes in Google Slides, or try to hunt down a free Google slides template online, as these designs are all too often overused, unoriginal, and stale.

Instead you need a vibrant presentation set that’s made by a professional designer that’s got their finger on the cool trends of 2018. Here’s just a few of those fashionable styles you can make use of:  

1. Minimal Slide Designs With Plenty of White Space

As you’re progressing through slides, it’s easy to confuse your audience. Ideas need room to breath. Using a minimal set of slide designs helps your ideas land with clarity and impact. 

You can keep it simple, and make a stronger impact, by using an on-trend template that has lots of minimal style slide designs, like the Verzus Google Slides design theme

Verzus minimal Google Slides presentation layout
Verzus minimal Google Slides presentation layout.

2. Modern Typography With Bold Layout Options

Great typography not only reads better, but makes your presentation come across as more professional. Using a simple sans serif font like Helvetica or Google’s free Roboto is often the best choice for presenting your ideas.

Look for templates that make great use of bold headings, so your ideas stand out strong, while also including detailed sub headings, bullet points, and stylized type options. You want a good mix of modern layouts to work with.

The Hipster Google Slides template set has plenty of cool layouts, with great modern typography options:

Hipster modern Google Slides presentation designs with bold options
Hipster modern Google Slides presentation designs with bold options.

3. Transparency, Cool Colors, and Shaped-Photo Crops

There are a number of features that make a presentation theme feel on-trend in 2018. The Hipster theme (shown above) has some great shaped photo crops that make layouts more dynamic.

Also, color choice can make your presentation feel modern: from placing stimulating colors that bounce off each other, to using cool colors that make your presentation look professional and sleek.

You can also add effects, such as transparency to your photos, or subtle gradient backgrounds, like those found in the Transparency Slides theme for Google Drive Slides:

Transparency cool Google Slides presentation effects
Transparency cool Google Slides presentation effects.

Design Your Next Presentation With a Cool Google Slides Theme for 2018

If your’e looking for limitless design options in 2018, then grab a cool presentation theme for Google Slides from Envato Elements. With access to thousands of creative graphics and templates (with unlimited use), you can try out as many presentation slide design styles as you want!

You can also discover more trending Google Slides themes on GraphicRiver, which are available for individual purchase, browse through them to find just the right one for your next presentation. 

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularly—adding new Google Drive Slides presentation themes with the best, trending designs.