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5 Amazing Assets for Perfect Landscape Photos Every Time

Landscape photography is so much more than just capturing a
pretty scene. Is the light right? Which lens should you use? Will you need a
filter? Even when you have your perfect photograph, there’s more to be done:
editing, marketing, creating a portfolio. Here, we’ve put together five amazing assets for landscape photography, as well as some top tips for nailing your

1. Fjordland Landscape Photoshop

The Fjordland Photoshop action set includes 10 feature-packed pre-sets
perfect for landscape, travel and outdoor photography. Each action is
non-destructive, so you don’t have to worry if you want to change it up

Fjordland Landscape Photoshop Actions
Fjordland Landscape Photoshop Actions

2. 14 Landscape
Retouching Actions

Enhance landscape images
quickly and effectively with 14 Landscape
Retouching Actions
. Reduce pesky haze, improve blown out skies and enhance
gorgeous foliage, all without touching your original image.

14 Landscape Retouching Actions
14 Landscape Retouching Actions

3. Fjord Brush

Inspired by the stunning fjords
in Norway, the Fjord Brush Font has an authentic brush-in-paint feel… because
that’s exactly how it was created! The rugged texture and gentle brush flicks
will add a touch of whimsy to any landscape project.

Fjord Brush Font
Fjord Brush Font

4. Photography Portfolio

This InDesign template is
professional and minimalistic, perfect for letting your stunning landscapes do
the talking. The template makes use of free fonts and a download link is

Photography Portfolio
Photography Portfolio

5. Umber Photography | Photography
PSD Template

The Umber Photography
PSD Template
contains 16 layout options, all of which are clean and modern.
Perfect for websites or even to create visually impressive portfolio pages to
send out to prospective clients.

Umber Photography  Photography PSD Template
Umber Photography | Photography PSD Template

asset here is from Envato
where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

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