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10 Best Photoshop Actions With Cool Art Effects for Portraits

Even with the perfect portrait, sometimes you need
something to give it a little more impact. Here, we’ve put together our
favourite 10 Photoshop Portrait Actions with Cool Art Effects.

Each Photoshop action is from Envato
where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

1. FilterGrade
Light Leaks Bundle

Controlled light leaks are a great effect and can bring new
life to portrait photographs. Included in this download are 40 Photoshop actions for perfect portraits,
including some custom film effects.

FilterGrade Light Leaks Bundle
FilterGrade Light Leaks Bundle

2. Double
Light Photoshop Action

Add a dual light effect to your portraits with this
Photoshop set. The download contains 10 actions which roll out into well-structured
folders and layers, to make it easy to customise.

Double Light Photoshop Action
Double Light Photoshop Action

3. Blood Art
Photoshop Action

Turn your portraits into an arty explosion with the Blood
Photoshop action set. The 10 cool colour effects can be used with full body or

Blood Art Photoshop Action
Blood Art Photoshop Action

4. Redwood
Fairytale Photoshop Actions

These three fantasy
Photoshop portrait actions are perfect for images photographed in natural light
and environmental portraits. The actions will add a soft, warm haze to your
photos giving it a hint of fairy-tale.

Redwood Fairytale Photoshop Actions
Redwood Fairytale Photoshop Actions

5. Portfolium — Post Processing Photoshop Action

Create soft focus, studio lit effects with the Portfolium
set of Photoshop actions. There are 20 colour presets and you can further
customise the effects of each one once you’ve run it.

See turtle in rainbow-coloured light
Portfolium Post Processing Photoshop Action applied to a portrait of a turtle.

6. Anaglyph 3D Action

A cool 3D effect, Anaglyph can give your portraits a
futuristic retro look, if that isn’t too contradictory. The best bit is, it
actually works with the old-style 3D glasses, so go raid your attic for some and

Anaglyph 3D Action
Anaglyph 3D Action

7. Film Noir B&W
Photoshop Actions

Film Noir includes 6 artistic black and white Photoshop
actions, perfect for portraits. Designed to add atmosphere and stunning tone to
your photographs, Film Noir really packs a punch.

Film Noir BW Photoshop Actions
Film Noir B&W Photoshop Actions

8. Cinnamon
Portrait Actions

‘Wild, mysterious and
enigmatic’ are bold claims indeed. Cinnamon Portrait Actions are a fantastical delight
for your portraits from a subtle warm-toned colouring to something altogether more

Cinnamon Portrait Actions
Cinnamon Portrait Actions

9. Gypsy
Portrait Photoshop Actions

Gypsy contains four professional portrait Photoshop actions
designed to make give your photographs a cinematic quality. From expressive and
cold, to rich and warm toning, Gypsy covers a lot in one neat little package.

Gypsy Portrait Photoshop Actions

10. Suburbia
Photoshop Actions

A Photoshop action back to give your portraits a
contemporary feel, Suburbia is perfect for lifestyle, wedding and family

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