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Create Interesting Animations Using the Voltus Preset From Videohive


In this tutorial I’ll show you the basics of the Voltus After Effects preset from Videohive. I’ll also show you a few extra tips and tricks to get the most from the preset.

Voltus After Effects Preset

Voltus is an After Effects preset available to purchase from Videohive.net. It makes creating abstract lightning effects simple and easy. The looks you can achieve with the Voltus preset range from stop-motion cartoon looks, to abstract anime inspired looks. 

The preset can be used with text, logos, and video footage. Voltus works best with 1920 x 1080 footage. If you have a logo that is smaller than that, it is recommended to pre-compose the logo in a 1920 x 1080 composition, then apply the Voltus preset.

Voltus preset image example
Voltus preset image example

Even if you don’t own the Voltus preset, you can still follow along with the tutorial to learn how easy it works. It is perfect for accenting on screen graphics, and because it is an After Effects preset, it can be a real time-saver.

Voltus preset image example
Voltus preset image example

Tips and Tricks

To get even more out of the Voltus preset, I recommend applying other After Effects style effects on top of the preset. 

To do this, apply the Voltus preset to a solid with your masks already on it. Then apply an additional After Effects effect on top of the solid. 

Use the CC Block Load effect to get a retro pixel lightning result. Here are some of my favorite effects to apply to the Voltus preset: Roughen Edges, Glow, CC Block Load and Turbulent Displace.

Voltus preset image example
Voltus preset image example

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