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15 Top Creative Smoke Effects for Adobe After Effects Videos

Gritty dramas are on trend, and a well-produced, realistic smoke effect can tip your video over the edge of wowing your audience. Here, we’ve collected 15 Creative Smoke Effects for Adobe After Effects Videos from Videohive, so you can start knocking their socks off!

1. Smoke
Effects Pack

Smoke Effects is a
comprehensive set including animated backgrounds and text reveals, all of which
are editable. Reminiscent of a Guillermo del Toro opener, it somehow manages to
be both fantastical and gritty.

Smoke Effects Pack
Smoke Effects Pack

2. Smoke
Logo Reveal

The pre-rendered smoke effects in this logo reveal will save you time
and effort. Simply import your logo, include some text and then render in less
than 10 minutes.



3. Six Smoke

This pack is created using real smoke, shot with a square-shaped object where your logo will eventually appear. This creates an
incredibly realistic smoke effect that will wow your audience.

Six Smoke Logos
Six Smoke Logos

4. Smoke
Logo Reveal

Smoke Logo Reveal has an almost underwater quality to it.
Ethereal and smooth, this is a classy way to display a logo on your project.
You won’t need a plug-in to use this, but you will need to be on CS4 or higher.

Smoke Logo Reveal
Smoke Logo Reveal

5. Smoke
Motion Logo Reveal

A simple, but effective reveal, Smoke Motion is an almost
cartoon like depiction of smoke. This light, whimsical reveal will give your project
a light-hearted boost.

Smoke Motion Logo Reveal
Smoke Motion Logo Reveal

6. Smoke &
Mirrors Trailer

Oozing with drama, Smoke & Mirrors is a dynamic,
dramatic promo trailer. You don’t need any plugins to use this template, and it
boasts a user-friendly setup that’s perfect for beginners.

Smoke  Mirrors Trailer
Smoke & Mirrors Trailer

7. Smoke
Ink Lower Thirds Pack

Visually interesting lower thirds can be difficult to find,
but the Smoke Ink pack manages to balance aesthetics and functionality to
create something that will really compliment your video.

Smoke Ink Lower Thirds Pack
Smoke Ink Lower Thirds Pack

8. Vintage
Slideshow | Smoke Effect

Vintage Slideshow is a really versatile After Effects template including
15 media holders and 17 text holders. The project boasts a simple, modular
structure, and you won’t need any plugins to use it. If you do get stuck, there’s
a help file included.

Vintage Slideshow  Smoke Effect
Vintage Slideshow | Smoke Effect

9. Smoke
Reveal Trailer

This is a smokin’ hot trailer… with 18 placeholders for
text, 4 for video or photos, and 2 custom element 3D materials. The music used in the trail is
included with this download.

Smoke Reveal Trailer
Smoke Reveal Trailer

10. Fiery
Smoke Logo Reveal

Fiery Smoke Logo Reveal packs a punch and will undoubtedly
impress your audience. A heady mix of gritty, dark smoke and light particle
bokeh, this download is designed to dazzle.

Fiery Smoke Logo Reveal
Fiery Smoke Logo Reveal

11. Smoke/Fog
Mystical Logo

A moody logo reveal, Smoke/Fog Mystical Logo download offers
colour and size control so you can customise to suit your video.

SmokeFog Mystical Logo
Smoke/Fog Mystical Logo

12. Fog / Smoke

Simple but effective, Fog/Smoke does exactly what it advertises: the background is perfect for adding atmosphere to your video.

Fog  Smoke Background
Fog / Smoke Background

13. Smoke
Collision Logo Reveal

Smoke colliding like a physical object may well blow your
mind, but that’s what this After Effects Template is all about! Colours, icons and of course, logos can all be changed.

Smoke Collision Logo Reveal
Smoke Collision Logo Reveal

14.  Smoke and
Dust Opener

Looking at Smoke and Dust makes me pine for Game of Thrones.
Full of drama and impact, this smoke effect opener prepares your audience for spectacle and
excitement—maybe a dragon or two. Please?

Smoke And Dust Opener
Smoke And Dust Opener

15. Epic
Smoke Opener

Epic Smoke Opener looks very real; because it is: 16
different versions were filmed to give you maximum choice when using this After Effects opener.

Epic Smoke Opener
Epic Smoke Opener

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