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10 Easy Animated Infographic Video Templates for After Effects

10 Hand-Picked Animated Infographic Video Templates

How you present statistics and facts can make all the difference to the interest levels of your audience. Lists and lengthy explanations will have them snoozing into the aisles, so here are our Top 10 Animated Infographic Templates from Videohive to turn your data doldrums into inspirational information.

1. Quantum
HUD Infographic

This is a modern and
professional-looking infographic template. Track and match moving videos and
combine elements to suit your project. There’s a simple, pre-rendered modular
structure to get you started quickly, or you can opt for more flexibility by
downloading an additional plugin.

Quantum HUD Infographic
Quantum HUD Infographic

 2. Call-Out Titles

With 15 title presets and 33 call-outs, there are plenty of
options to be had with the Call-Out Titles project. The fonts use in the preview
are free, with links available on the download page.


3. Kinetic
Typography Engine

Great for any information-centred presentation, Kinetic
gives you a clean, minimal way to impress your audience. The project
consists of 18 modules, so you can duplicate and re-order your story quickly
and easily.

Kinetic Typography Engine
Kinetic Typography Engine

4. InfoCharts

Create stylish infographics to make displaying your data as
simple and effective as possible. Choose from line graphs, world map, pie
charts and more.


5. Internet
Marketing & SEO Intro

Create an internet marketing or search engine optimisation
infographic simply by editing text and dropping in your logo, easy! Sound
effects are included with this download and you can change colours or switch
off social media icons to suit.

Internet Marketing  SEO Intro
Internet Marketing & SEO Intro

6. Infographics
3D Map Kit

The Infographics 3D Map Kit is
designed to save you time when creating a stylish looking presentation. The
package has been updated to include a country selector and USA State selector.

Infographics 3D Map Kit
Infographics 3D Map Kit

7. Infographic

A comprehensive package featuring maps, graphs, people
counters and much more, the Infographic Package gives you the flexibility to
display your data in relevant, unique ways. There are ten different categories
and you’ll find the template easy to customise.

Infographic Package
Infographic Package

8. Infographic

Remove, add or mix sections with ease with the Infographic
modular design. There are 21 preset scenes with colour control, so it’s
simple to get your presentation looking just how you want it.

Infographic Ecographic
Infographic Ecographic

9. Infographic Presentation

Dazzle them with data, with the bright and cheerful
Infographic Presentation. It’s easy to change the shape colours but the
download includes a useful video tutorial to keep you right.

Infographic Presentation
Infographic Presentation

10. Glass

A very cool and
corporate looking glass globe is the feature of this download, although it does
include a host of other useful elements too. Turn off the textured paper
background for a sleeker, more professional look.

Glass Infographic
Glass Infographic

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