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18+ Professional Business Project Proposal Templates for 2018

Has this ever happened to you? You sent out your professional
business project proposal to close the deal, but your prospect still seems to be

you own a small to mid-size business, the scenario above may seem familiar. If
everything else in your proposal is on track, your business proposal design
could be the culprit. If your project proposal doesn’t look good, your prospect may not have the best impression of your business. Design does make a

Here’s one popular example of a professional proposal template for 2018:

Business Proposal Template
This high-quality business project proposal template is just one example of the many professional proposal templates you can find on Envato Elements.

Notice that the professional proposal example is attractive
and eye-catching. When a prospect receives this, they’ll likely immediately be
impressed by the professional design. And it’s all because it’s based on a good
project proposal template.

In this article, you’ll find over 18 different examples of
professional proposal templates you can use to help land the next deal. These business templates are available
through Envato
and Envato
. We’ll also share some helpful seven business proposal ideas
and tips.

Best Business Project Proposal Templates (2018 Product Showcase)

Here is a curated gallery of some of the finest professional project proposal templates. These multi-page templates are sure to make your proposal stand out from the competition.

1. Easy-to-Customize Business Project Proposal

Easy-to-Customize Proposal

This flexible business proposal template is useful for
wide variety of projects. Take advantage of its flexibility and it just may
become your go-to proposal design.

If you want an easy-to-customize proposal that you can drop
your information into quickly and easily, this is a great template to work
with. The template includes a 16-page document with a grid-based layout.
Customize the color with a single click on this print-ready theme.

2. Comprehensive Keynote Proposal Presentation Template

Detailed Proposal Template

the many elements in this project proposal template, you can make a detailed pitch to
just about any client. You could even use it for a potential investor.

of the many features include:

  • PDF user guide

  • Keynote compatibility
  • Infographic templates
  • Free fonts
  • Over 800 vector icons
  • And more

3. Project Proposal – Universal Proposal Template Design

Universal Proposal Template

large, flexible proposal template features a structured layout for a wide
variety of business projects. Customize the many page templates to add your own
infographics, timelines and other crucial project information. 

professional template has 40 pages, including: a table of contents page, about
page, and case study page. Simply edit the pages you want for your proposal and
delete those you don’t need. It’s packed with design features that blow free business proposal template away!

In Proposal – Professional Creative Proposal Template

Professional Creative Proposal

This clean, professional proposal template is perfect for the creative professional. It
features 30 custom pages with automatic page numbering. The text, graphics, and
placeholders are all on separate layers for quick and easy editing.  Whether you’re in the creative business, or
just need an eye-catching modern style design, this project proposal template is great
choice for 2018.

5. Clean Proposal Template for Your 2018 Projects

Clean Proposal Template

The modern design of this clean proposal makes the template
ideal for any professional business project. The template pages are also
available in two commonly used sizes for your convenience: A4 and standard US letter
size. Plus, this template is based on free fonts.

love this business proposal template. Here’s what a couple of them had to say:

“Appealing, colorful, modern and pro”


great & creative design”

6. Simple Proposal Template With Great Organization

Simple Proposal Template

its well-organized and simple design, this template is ideal for nearly any
project. You can quickly present what your prospect needs to know and close the
sale. The 20-page proposal template includes an invoice, so your branding stays
consistent across the life of the project. You’ll get a master page, paragraph
styles, automatic page numbering, and more.

7. Clean
Web Proposal Template – Sleek Modern Design

Clean Web Proposal Template

Web Proposal template features a sleek modern design that’s sure to help you
stand out from your competitors. The print-ready template is easy to
use–simply add your own images and copy. Choose between A4-sized pages and standard US letter size. You’ll enjoy the flexibility of this popular project
proposal template.

8. Professional Business Proposal Template With Cover Design

a single click you can customize the colors on the easy-to-use professional
proposal template. Choose between 24 pages–use them all, or just a few. This
design also features a premade professional cover design. Plus, it’s based on
free fonts. And, you’ll get a Microsoft Word version of the template for your

9. Colorful Business Project Proposal Template Design

Colorful Project Proposal

you’re looking for a colorful project proposal to capture your prospect’s
attention, this colorful project proposal template is a good choice. The
26-page template can be easily edited to add your own information. Plus, you
can quickly add or delete pages from the flexible proposal template. If you
want your project proposal to stand out, this may be the project proposal
template for you.

Proposal Template 003 – Dynamic Professional Proposal Template

a strong positive impression with Proposal Template 003. This elegantly designed professional proposal template features 28 pages that are just ready for you to
add your own unique information. You’ll love the 12-column and baseline grids.
Choose between A4 and US letter size pages. Plus, there are many other helpful

11. Proposal, Contract & Invoice – Versatile & Useful

Proposal Contract Invoice

With this professional proposal template bundle, you’ll impress the clients with a consistent look for all your project
documentation. Use this print-ready template with your choice of InDesign,
Photoshop, or Microsoft Word. The template also includes free PDF documentation
with FAQs and much more.

This project proposal template includes contract and invoice templates. So, basically, you’re getting three document templates for
the price of one!

Proposal Bundle – Includes Resume & Invoice

Proposal Bundle

This is another great project proposal template bundle. It’s full of helpful tools, so it’s also
easy to customize and use. Features include:

  • Invoice,
    resume, and contract templates included

  • Real
    wording outline
  • 7
    cover designs
  • Excel
  • 40+
  • Compatible
    with Indesign and Microsoft Word
  • And

Business Plan With Professional Proposal Template

Business Plan

professional business plan template includes a first-class business proposal
template. You’ll get a 40-page Indesign business template AND a 32-page
proposal template. Both can be edited in Microsoft Word. The template includes
vector infographics you can customize plus an .IDML file. Choose between two
page sizes: A4 and US letter.

love this proposal design. Feedback on this one includes the following

“This is amazing… Great design, looks
professional & clean..”


and Effective One…”

Professional Business Project Proposal – Eye-Catching

Eye Catching Proposal

eye-catching professional project proposal template can be used for a wide
variety of projects. The 24 pages of templates include such useful pages as
case study, bio pages, and space for data and charts. You’ll also get:

  • PDF
    Documentation (including FAQs)
  • Choice of A4 or Letter Size
  • Free support
  • And

Attractive Project Proposal Template for 2018

Attractive Project Proposal Template

attractive project proposal template is suitable for many different types of professional
projects. You can customize the grid-based template to meet your own needs
quickly and easily. You’ll get 40 print-ready template pages that can be used
in either A4 or US letter size. The project proposal template supports Adobe
InDesign, but there’s also a Microsoft Word version included.

Professional Proposal Template – Minimal Design

Minimal Design Project Proposal Template

36-page professional proposal template features a clean minimal design. It’s
great for project proposals and for estimates. This versatile project template
supports multiple file formats for use with multiple authoring tools: .indd,
.idml, .docx, .doc, and pages. You can also make use of these user-friendly

  • Full
    layered templates
  • Multigrid
    columns and grid-based layout
  • Masterpages
  • Choose
    between A4 and US letter
  • One-click
    color change
  • And

Full-Featured Professional Proposal Packages

professional proposal template boasts 31 pages. Choose from many and varied
page designs to get your proposal message across. Popular page layouts include
the confidentiality agreement, the case study, and the project timeline. 

time with the Excel-linked automatic calculations on the fee estimate and
invoice template pages. Among its many features, this professional proposal
template uses free fonts.

Web Design Professional Proposal Template

Web Design Proposal Template

you own a web design business or other creative business, this may be the
professional proposal template you’ve been looking for. You’re bound to make a
good impression with the crisp, eye-catching design. Plus, the versatile
template files can be used with either Adobe InDesign or MS Word with either an
Apple or Windows operating system. 

While this is a great project proposal
template for web designers and other creatives, it works well for any type of
business proposal you may need. It packs a lot of design features that free business proposal templates may be lacking.

Colorful Professional Business Proposal Template

bold professional proposal template design is sure to catch your client’s eye with its
unique landscape design. Plus, this attractive project proposal template
includes professionally designed front and back covers for added impact. You’ll find that it’s easy to add your own
images and content to this project proposal template. You can also choose
between two popular paper sizes.

Design Proposal – Professional Proposal Template for Agencies

Design Agency Proposal

This professional project proposal was designed specifically
with the needs of creative agencies in mind, but you’ll find it suitable for
many other businesses as well. With this professional proposal template you

  • 24
    unique layouts
  • Download
    links to free fonts to use with proposal template
  • 12-column
    grid-based design
  • Automatic
    page numbering
  • And

7 Quick Professional
Business Proposal Tips

you are wondering how to write a business proposal, and make best use of your current design, here are some important

1. Get All the Info

Start by gathering all the information you need to include
in your business proposal. You don’t want your client to have to guess about
important project details. Make sure you’ve got the answers to the most commonly
asked questions included.

Use a Template Design

appearance of your project proposal is important. If you want your prospect to
take your proposal seriously and view you as a competent professional, your proposal
needs to look professional. The best way to do that is to use a professional
project proposal template

Outline the Scope

creating your project proposal, make sure to include the complete scope of the
project. Be as detailed and specific as you can be. Make sure the scope
includes actual planned dates. Make the dollar figures you include as precise
as you can.

Include an Executive Summary

prospect is busy. They may not have time to read your entire project proposal,
especially if it is long. Use an executive summary to outline your main
proposal points and build their interest in the project.

Set the Budget

is an important part of any professional project proposal. But money can
sometimes be an obstacle to closing a deal. Often it can be helpful to provide
several budget options with varying levels of products or services.

Write the Conclusion

forget to write a conclusion for your professional project proposal. Not only
does the conclusion summarize the main points of your proposal, it should also
include your call to action. A call to action is where you ask your prospect
for their business.

Proofread Carefully

Even minor mistakes (such as a misplaced
decimal) can make a big difference in your professional proposal. Mistakes make
you look sloppy and your prospect may wonder if you’ll also be careless in your
project work. Review your professional project proposal carefully.

a Top Professional Proposal Template for Your Next Business Proposal

out our best professional business proposal templates, and download one now.
Customize it with your own logo and proposal details to make a powerful
positive impact on your prospects and close the deal!

can find more trending professional project proposal templates on Envato
or GraphicRiver. One of them is just right for your next proposal in 2018.