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20 Best Royalty-Free Music Kits of 2018

Music packs are essentially a bundle of three to ten tracks that
share the same genre of music, instrument or theme. 

Each track in a pack is also available on Audio Jungle
separately, but if you’re looking for a number of connected—but different—tracks for a big project, then Envato’s Music Kits are the most cost-effective choice. 

With over 30,000 tracks in 22 genres to choose from,
however, you’ll need a bit of help selecting the right one for you. I’m featuring 20 of the
best royalty-free music packs of 2018 from five popular categories.


If you’re looking for easy on the ears background music to
complement your video, film or multimedia presentations, check out one of these
four tracks with their cool relaxing sound.

Calm Elegant Ambient Pack

The CalmElegant Ambient Pack consists of three wonderfully soft tracks in short and
looped versions that will bring a wonderfully calming and hopeful atmosphere to
any project.

Soft and Calm Pack

The Soft and Calm Pack
features acoustic guitar, solo piano and violins in five unique tracks that are
at once inspiring and uplifting.


For a slightly more upbeat tracks, check out the RelaxingPack. This pack contains four beautiful tracks that carry a
stronger beat than the others featured here but nevertheless would still work
extremely well as background music for many projects.

InspiringAmbient Presentation Pack

The Inspiring Ambient Presentation Pack
uses soft electronic music that would be well suited to projects involving
technology, scientific educational films, creative and design projects, health
lifestyle promotion.


These four tracks are ideal for projects involving intense
action and high dramatic moments.

Powerful Dramatic Piano Pack

PowerfulDramatic Piano Pack contains
three powerful tracks that feature sweeping orchestral sounds that will
intensify the dramatic mood in your YouTube videos, movies, documentaries and other

Dark Cinematic Pack

DarkCinematic Pack uses electronic sound to create a sinister and disorienting vibe. Great for Halloween projects or general horror themes.

Cinematic Music & Underscore Pack

Cinematic Music & Underscore Pack
is a beautiful collection of five tracks that are ideal for moments of emotional
intensity in any given project.

Epic Trailer Orchestra Pack

The EpicTrailer Orchestra Pack consists of five tracks which are ideal for action
adventure trailers, film, animations, games, etc.


If you love rock and are looking for the perfect rock track
for your project, look no further. These four tracks deliver great rock sounds
that will suit a wide range of projects where you want to infuse a high-energy

SportRock & Trailer Big Beat Pack

Heavy on electric guitar and percussions, SportRock & Trailer Big Beat Pack is a perfect choice for high-energy
projects like sport and extreme sports videos, GoPro videos, as well as certain
kinds of high-energy fashion videos.

Energetic Rock Pack

EnergeticRock Pack uses a liberal dose of synthesiser melodies and samples to create
three cool and vibrant rock tracks.


Another hard-hitting
energetic rock pack, Energy Background makes good use of
synthesisers and percussions.

DrumstepRock Pack

DrumstepRock Pack consists of four powerful electronic rock compositions with
alternative guitar riff, hip-hop, drum and bass elements. Ideal for extreme,
action video and more projects. 

Experimental Abstract

If you’re looking for something a bit different, a bit
outside the box, these experimental abstraction packs may be a good choice for

Timelapse Slow And Beautiful Piano AbstractPack

The tracks in the TimelapseSlow And Beautiful Piano Abstract Pack feature beautiful synth, catchy melodies, drums, and unique
composition to complement your videos, games and other multi media projects.

AmbientAbstract Pack

The three tracks in Ambient Abstract Pack combine a chill laidback sound with
experimental vocals and atmospheric synth, electronic drums and bass to create quite a unique sound.

Stardust Pack

Stardust Pack employs
various instruments to create a strong space travel vibe.

Minimalistic Melodies Pack

Minimalistic Melodies Pack starts with a quiet melody
which then builds to a more rhythmic and explosive sound.


The great thing about classical melodies is that they have a
timeless quality that allows them to fit into a wide range of projects. The
tracks I’ve chosen here are particularly suited for projects which call for relaxing mood.

GymnopediesMusic Pack

GymnopediesMusic Pack is an elegant
classical piano pack that consists of three solo piano compositions that create
a feeling of quiet reflection.

Violin Pack

Violin Pack as the name suggests, is all about
the violin. Energetic and dramatic, this pack contains three violin-based tracks that are both
passionate and poignant.

Music for Thought and Meditation

The Music forThought and Meditation pack uses classical instrumentation to evoke
thought and introspection.

Emotional String Pack

The Emotional
String Pack
delivers a full orchestral sound in three intense tracks that
are dramatic, tender and poignant at the same time.


These 20 royalty-free music packs are just a small selection
of the thousands of music packs
available at AudioJungle, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are
plenty of other great options from which to choose.

And if you want to improve your skills creating and or
editing your own music tracks then check out some of the ever-so-useful music and audio tutorials that
Envato Tuts+ has on offer.