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15 Stylish Wedding Video Templates for Adobe After Effects

Making a wedding video is a great way to preserve
memories of a special day. It can be time consuming and technically difficult,
so we’ve put together selected 15 After Effects templates from Envato Market to get you to a
professional result in a fraction of the time.

1. Wedding
Video Gallery

A simple and well-organised project, Wedding Video Gallery
allows you to make easy changes to colours, text, media and audio. The project
boasts a fast render time and you won’t need to be an advanced After Effects
user to make the most of this download.

Wedding Video Gallery
Wedding Video Gallery

2. Wedding

This download includes two projects, a long version with up
to 20 placeholders lasting almost two and a half minutes, and a shorter version
with 10 placeholders which lasts almost a minute and a half. Mix still images
and video, change background colours and even opt for a texture overlay with
this project.



3. Wedding
Photo &Video Gallery Montage

In full HD, with 45 ‘ready to go’ scenes, the Wedding Photo
and Video Gallery Montage lets you to create a wedding photography slideshow
with ease.

Wedding Photo Video Gallery Montage
Wedding Photo &Video Gallery Montage

4. Wedding
Film Package

As you might have guessed from the title, this download is a
full package, including 5 openers, 5 different lower thirds and a set of
titles. It even comes with some lomo effects to give your video an optional
vintage look.

Wedding Film Package
Wedding Film Package

5. Wedding
Flower Film Studio

This package is bursting at the brim with features. There
are a whopping 33 media and text placeholders, 5 backgrounds, 5 overlays and
even a storyboard included to help you plan out your project.

Wedding Flower Film Studio
Wedding Flower Film Studio

6. Wedding
Film Memories

This template has a 3 minute duration, so just long enough
to grab attention without putting anyone to sleep! You won’t need any plugins
to use this download and it comes in full HD.

Wedding Film Memories
Wedding Film Memories

7. Elegance
Wedding Titles Pack

With 18 stylish titles to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for
choice with the Elegance Wedding Titles Pack. There are three versions of the
animation ending and you can download the free fonts included with the link

Elegance Wedding Titles Pack
Elegance Wedding Titles Pack

8. Wedding

Offering a variety of vintage and modern titles, Wedding
Titles includes 14 options. There’s a video tutorial to guide you through using
them effectively – simply customise the text and import your background video.

Wedding Titles
Wedding Titles

9. Wedding
Film & Slideshow Package

A comprehensive package including 5 bokeh elements, 5
openers, 16 lower thirds and 6 title sequences. There are also 23 placeholders
featuring a drag and drop setup – so it should be easy and quick to customise.
Links to the fonts used are included.

Wedding Film  Slideshow Package
Wedding Film & Slideshow Package

10. Wedding

Another elegant and well-made set of titles including 18
different options. There’s a video tutorial to help you get started and the
download is full HD.

Wedding Titles
Wedding Titles

11. The
Wedding Intro 2

An introduction or trailer for a wedding video, this
contains 10 placeholders for either video or still images and 5 foreground text
options. No plugins are required to use this and there’s a help file included
in case you get stuck.

The Wedding Intro 2
The Wedding Intro 2

12. Wedding

An elegant intro for a wedding video, this has style and
glamour. Ring animations meet in the middle with your choice of text and
background to get your project of to a start that packs a punch.

Wedding Intro
Wedding Intro

13. Wedding Pack

Create an enchanting and memorable with the Wedding Pack
template. Included is an animated bumper, slideshow, lower third and closing
credits. The template is adorned with pretty golden bokeh and a parallax effect
for the extra wow factor.

Wedding Pack
Wedding Pack

14. Cinematic
Wedding Titles

Whether you’re editing your own wedding video or want to add
a special touch to a client’s video, this will suit you down to the ground. Featuring five different title styles to choose from and edit, as well as a credit block to
add any honourable mentions to your project. 

Cinematic Wedding Titles
Cinematic Wedding Titles

15. Formal
Wedding Video Titles Template

A customisable animated graphics template perfect for
cinematic wedding video openers. Includes brush-in, formal, and ribbon
animations with a mix of modern, retro, and vintage themed typography. Just follow
the tutorial and change the text in each design to suit your needs. 

Formal Wedding Video Titles Template
Formal Wedding Video Titles Template

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