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How to Read RGB and YUV Scopes for Precise Color Correction in Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere has built-in tools
feature enough power to color correct your video footage with no other
plug-ins or apps. In this lesson, you’ll learn about the RGB and YUV color scopes, two of the best tools you can use to achieve perfect color.



Even with custom white balance and calibration, it’s rare that video footage is perfectly colored-balanced straight out of camera. To get the best results, you’ll almost always need to apply some level of adjustment to your video, whether for correction or creative purposes.

Obviously, your eyes are an important part of color correction, but, like any muscle, eyes get tired. Critical color work is quickly fatiguing; even experienced color technicians make mistakes and slow down when they’re tired. Enter scopes: a quick and easy great way to make accurate and repeatable color corrections.

Scopes simplify color correction by making it a matter, at least in part, of reading charts. Getting comfortable using scopes is one of the fastest ways you can build your color correction talents. We’ll come back to scopes in our next few lessons.

Premiere Color Correction with Scope
Using the color scope can be a bit tricky to get started with, but it provides one of the best tools to create the exact color style you’re aiming for.

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