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10 Top Products for YouTube Live Video Creators

Give Your YouTube Live Broadcast a Professional Look

If you use YouTube Live, you might have noticed that successful broadcasts use plenty of production techniques to hold a viewers’ attention—tricks and tools that you too can use. Here are ten products from Envato Market that can help add some professionalism to your YouTube Live productions.

1. The YouTuber — Broadcast Pack for Final Cut Pro and for Adobe After Effects

A broadcast pack contains all the graphic and visual assets a YouTube live
broadcaster needs to make a complete look, including essentials like
overlays and lower-thirds titles. Customize the graphics and animations with your own logo and colours, and you’re ready to roll.

Visual pack for Final Cut Pro

2. YouTube Essentials — Broadcast Package for Final Cut Pro and for After Effects

Available for both Final Cut and After Effects, this pack combines lower thirds, logo reveals, and transition effects.

YouTube essentials
Transitions for AE and Final Cut

3. YouTube Package — After Effects Broadcast Pack

This package brings a sense of fashion to your YouTube channel with a tight and stylish set of video animations.



4. 70 Alpha Matte Transitions — After Effect Alpha Transition Pack

Alpha transitions create attractive
ways to switch between scenes. They are reusable and easy to apply in a variety of streaming video applications and editors.

If you like a bright and colorful way to switch between video clips, this pack is for you. Works great with After Effects.

Alpha Matte Transitions
Alpha Matte Transitions

5. Ultimate Transition Mattes Pack — Cross Compatible Alpha Transitions

These geographic animated transitions are perfect for switching between video scenes.

Ultimate transition mattes pack
Transition matte packs

6. Transitions — Cross Compatible Alpha Transitions

These effects are the perfect way to cut from scene-to-scene with eye catching effects.

Transitions pack

7. Living Stills — After Effects Looping Photo Animator

Don’t know how long it will be until your video starts? Looping
videos are a simple way to hold your viewers’ attention
while they are waiting for a video to start. This project is perfect for taking your own photo and adding a bit of animation to it.

Living Stills Example
Living stills photo animator

8. Paint Retro — Cross Compatible Looping Animation Video

“A seamless loop of paint twists along an infinity symbol.” Trippy!



9. Snow Globe 360 Loop — Cross Compatible Looping Alpha Channel Animation

Perfect for the holidays! You can drop this 3D animation into a variety of video editors.

Snow Globe 360 Loop
Snow globe animation

10. Looping Backgrounds — Cross Compatible Looping Animations

This pack of looping textures is ideal for a clean, corporate video.

Looping backgrounds video project
Geometric video loop

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