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10 Easy Pieces: Top Football Video Templates for Adobe After Effects

10 Top Soccer Templates for Adobe After Effects

We are bang in the middle of football (soccer)
season and with the World Cup draw having just taken place, many video creators
are starting to think about their football broadcasts!

Here are our ten soccer related video elements
from Envato Market that are perfect for your broadcast.

1. Soccer
— Opener

A fast rendering, funky opener, perfect for any sports
broadcast. This download includes three types of football: Euros, World Cup and a
Classic ball. You won’t need a plugin to use this and it comes with a video

Soccer Sport
Soccer Sport

2. Soccer
— Opener

With five types of
soccer ball, there’s plenty of scope for this opener to fit to your broadcast.
The project makes it easy to customise colours and links to the music and SFX
used are included.



3. Football
Soccer Field
— Opener

A modern and clean
opener, Football Soccer Field is very versatile and could easily be used as an
ident, a team vs team segment or to promote a game/venue. The download includes
Opener and Versus versions and is quick and simple to use.

Football Soccer Field
Football Soccer Field

4. Soccer
Scoring Logo Reveal
— Logo Reveal

This reveal includes
a day and night version as well as two different styles of soccer ball. Simply
drag and drop your logo into the placeholder. 3D elements are pre-rendered to
save you time when rendering your own project.

5. Sport
Logo Reveal 
— Logo Pack

This pack includes 13 logo reveals, two of which are soccer
balls. There are two different backgrounds to choose from and the sound FX are
included in the download.

Soccer Scoring Logo Reveal
Soccer Scoring Logo Reveal

6. Broadcast
— After Effects Package

This complete package is perfect for any soccer or sport
broadcast. It comes with a wealth of useful elements such as a goal board,
referee stats and an opener. The download includes two projects, one of which
is pre-rendered and one that’s fully editable.

Broadcast Design
Broadcast Design

7. Ultimate
Soccer Broadcast 
— After Effects Package

Another full package, but this time just for soccer, the
Ultimate Soccer Broadcast Pack includes an opener, game score, substitutions,
lower thirds and more. It’s easy to supplement the existing logos, images and
videos with your own.

Ultimate Soccer
Ultimate Soccer

8. Soccer
Ball Rolling Across the Field
— After Effects Asset

Use Soccer Ball Rolling Across the Field as an opener, logo
reveal or even as part of an image slideshow. There are two soccer ball types
and five different scenes and camera movements—meaning you can try a whole
variety of combinations to see what works. There’s even a clean version without
the ball…

Soccer Ball Rolling Across the Field
Soccer Ball Rolling Across the Field

9. Soccer World — After Effects Project

Soccer World includes placeholders for a logo, text and
photo or video content. It’s easy to customise and its modular design lets you
add as many scenes as you want. The audio track is bundled with the project and
it comes with a nifty lower third set.

Soccer World
Soccer World 

10. Liquid
Football (Soccer)
— After Effects Project

With no extra plugins required, Liquid Football is a simple
to customise project. There are four different versions to choose from and
there’s a PDF help file included in case you hit a snag.

Liquid Football Soccer
Liquid Football (Soccer)

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