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Creative Watch: Top 5 Video Artists on Envato Market

Learn From the
Best: Here are the 5 Top Video Creators on VideoHive This Month

In this series we look at the current top five
video artists on Envato Market’s VideoHive, by sales.

It’s hard to know where to start when you’re
developing your skills as a video artist. The monthly top five are creators at
the height of their craft. We hope their stories, and the things they create,
inspire you to make your own awesome videos and market items. You can
also check out the full rankings over on VideoHive any time,
they’re updated weekly.

5. Pixflow

Pixflow Studio is a
family of artists, motion designers, designers, illustrators, animators and 3D
experts who make original videos. They create footage for explainers, start-ups,
personal projects or business projects. They’re our number five this month!

Featured Item: Pixity
Land | Character Animation Explainer Toolkit

Pixitiy Land is an animated explainer toolkit with the
flexibility to allow you to create each element separately. It’s really
versatile, coming with over 500 unique elements that you can customise and

Pixity Land  Character Animation Explainer Toolkit
Pixity Land | Character Animation Explainer Toolkit

4. Bank508

At number four, Bank508 have a diverse range of items but their work
with light is what really really makes them stand out. From bokeh and
particles, to neon and sunlight, there’s something in Bank508’s portfolio to
suit every occasion.

Featured Item: Phoenix

This download is a stunning logo reveal using light and
particles to create a phoenix. If you’re using After Effects CS4 or above then
you won’t need any plugins to use this. It’s easy to customise and comes with a
tutorial to help you get started.

Phoenix Reveal
Phoenix Reveal

3. AS_100

AS_100 are our number three this month and have a portfolio full
of sparkle and colour. If you’re looking for a glitzy motion graphic or background
then look no further. This portfolio is so bright, you gotta wear shades.

Featured Item: Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs is a full HD video  background loop. Oozing charm and warmth, it’s
a great addition to presentations, or even to project onto a surface—think
fun gallery openings or a party!

Light Bulbs
Light Bulbs

2. Gorodenkoffs

European studio Gorodenkoff Visuals come in at
number two this month, offering filming, editing and post-production of
commercial photo and video imagery. Their portfolio demonstrates a high
quality, professional, and engaging mix of stock footage.

Featured Item: Close-Up
Shot Of Green Grass With Rain Drops

This is a stunning
macro of grass with rain falling. Movement comes from the camera being on a slider,
so the film doesn’t become repetitive or boring. The colours and bokeh will
absolutely blow you away.

Close-Up Shot Of Green Grass With Rain Drops
Close-Up Shot Of Green Grass With Rain Drops

1. Pressmaster

This month’s number one are creative pros,
Pressmaster, who make conceptual stock imagery, footage and music. Their
offering ranges from corporate footage, through to family scenes and even

Featured Item: Light
and Darkness

beautifully shot and lit piece of stock footage, Light and Darkness follows the
legs and feet of legs walking down a dark corridor, towards the light at the
end. A versatile clip, it’s perfect for commercials, music videos or even

See You Next Month!

We hope you enjoyed our roundup this month and
found some inspirational new content to give your video projects and broadcasts
an added dimension.