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60 Second How-to: Rename an Image in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Why bother renaming your image files? Isn’t IMG_4232.RAW good enough for most photographers?

So you use an app, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, to manage yours: good choice. But what happens if you lose your catalog, and all that careful organization goes with it? One smart habit is to keep some specific, basic metadata in the filenames of your images. That way, you can gather a bit of information about the contents of your image files even if you catalog is corrupted—no extra apps needed.

Let’s learn how to use Adobe Lightroom for some pain-free, easy, better-organized image-name hacking:

60 Seconds: How to Rename Images in Adobe Lightroom

In this quick screencast, I’ll show you how you can rename multiple images at the same time in Lightroom. You’ll learn how to apply naming rules to automate the rename across your library.



Just in case you didn’t catch it in the video, let’s review the file naming convention I recommend. Every filename should be meaningful:

Filename structure

If you want to get really specific, or if you have two cameras you use at the same time (say for a wedding, for example), you can use year-month-day-hour/minute/second-description-camera-filename, or YYYY-MM-DD-HHMMSS-[description]-[original-filename].cr2

Envato Elements: Featured Lightroom Presets

Thanks for watching the tutorial! Here are three featured presets available on Envato Elements. Lightroom presets can speed up your workflow, boost your creativity, and provide simple solutions to common editing challenges.

Black and White: Blacktone

offers advanced black and white conversion presets to enhance your
portrait workflow and speed up your post-processing. These presets are
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Blacktone by Presetrain

Creative: Burgundy

collection is perfect for all photography styles, including
landscape, portraits, fashion and fine-art. Bring a rich, vintage tone
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Burgundy by Presetrain 

Special Effects: Light Leaks Vol. 2

about everyone loves a light leak effect, and you can
have 25 of them with this download. Each preset is non-destructive and
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Light Leaks Vol 2
Light Leaks Vol. 2 by ShinyPixel 

Keep Learning

Lightroom isn’t the only program that can rename images, and some of the alternatives offer distinct advantages. Check out the other tutorials below for other approaches to renaming and managing images using a variety of apps.