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How to Draw a Fox Step by Step

Final product image
What You’ll Be Creating

In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a realistic fox step by step, without any reference. You’ll learn how to sketch the pose to avoid proportion mistakes, how to add proper anatomy, and how to make it look real with details. You can also use this workflow to learn how to draw other similar animals.

This is a tutorial for beginners with a single, simple pose. If you want to learn more about foxes, their species and their anatomy, try this tutorial instead:

1. How to Prepare the Basic Sketch

Step 1

How often have you noticed that your drawing went wrong only when you were finishing it? To avoid such a situation, it’s good to start with a very general sketch first, and add the details to it later. The general sketch is easy to fix and quick to draw, so you don’t waste so much time on it if something goes wrong.

Start with a rectangle for an elongated fox body.

draw rectangle for fox body

Step 2

Measure the distance to the ground. Foxes are long-legged, so make it one body width long + some space for the paws.

fox body height drawing

Step 3

Sketch a very general rhythm of the legs on both ends of the rectangle.

simple fox legs drawing

Step 4

Add a thick neck. It should be slightly shorter than half of the body.

fox neck length drawing

Step 5

Attach the head to the neck.

simple fox head drawing

Step 6

Draw the long, tapered muzzle in front of the head.

fox muzzle drawing

Step 7

Sketch a bushy tail on the back.

fox bushy tail drawing

2. How to Sketch the Legs of a Fox

Step 1

Take a good look at your basic body plan now and try to see if anything’s off. Fix it, if necessary.

Add a “6” in the shoulder area. It’s a very easy way to create a form of the shoulder for many animals.

fox shoulder drawing

Step 2

Draw a line across the back side of the rectangle. This is a symbolic femur (the thigh bone).

fox thigh length drawing

Step 3

Add a perpendicular line to it. Its length will create the width of the thigh.

fox thigh width drawing

Step 4

Outline the thigh using these two guide lines. Don’t worry if the thigh looks too fat—it should be fluffy!

fox thigh shape drawing

Step 5

Add some details to both the shoulder blade and the hips.

fox shoulder blade hip drawing

Step 6

Time for the lower parts of the limbs. Sketch the length of the paws.

fox paws length drawing

Step 7

Add the wrist and the heel.

fox wrist heel drawing

Step 8

Draw the forms of the wrist and the ankle.

fox wrist ankle shape drawing

Step 9

Outline the paws.

fox paws shape drawing

Step 10

Connect the paws to the wrist and ankle.

fox hands feet drawing

Step 11

The forearm and the calf both need some muscle masses. Add them in the form of an oval along the “bone” lines.

fox limb muscle masses drawing

Step 12

Add more details to each leg: the elbow, the knee, and the bony landmarks of the ankle.

fox body landmarks drawing

Step 13

Gently outline the forms to create the whole form of the limb.

fox legs outline drawing

Step 14

Let’s make the paws complete, too. Add the other visible toe.

fox toes drawing

Step 15

Draw the tips of the toes.

fox toe tips drawing

Step 16

Add short, blunt claws.

fox claws drawing

3. How to Draw the Head of a Fox

Step 1

The head is a very important step, because we pay more attention to the proportions of the face than to the other parts of the body. Even if you sketched the body nicely, a tiny mistake in the face may destroy the whole impact of the drawing. So be very careful here!

Draw a high forehead for the fox, smoothing the step between the head and the muzzle.

fox high forehead drawing

Step 2

Draw a curve across the face—this will help us find the location of the eyes and define the sides of the face.

fox eye line drawing

Step 3

Draw an oval in the front of the head. This will be a symbolic eye socket. By drawing the eye socket first, you get a nice reference point to properly place the actual eye (thus solving the biggest problem in drawing a face!).

fox how to draw eyes properly

Step 4

Draw the round eye in the middle of the eye socket (or somewhere near, if you’ve noticed the eye socket has been placed wrong).

fox eye drawing

Step 5

Draw the nose bridge along the muzzle.

fox nose bridge drawing

Step 6

Draw the nose at the tip of the muzzle.

fox nose drawing

Step 7

Lead a line from the forehead to the chin.

fox muzzle shape drawing

Step 8

Draw an oval here.

fox muzzle mouth drawing

Step 9

Draw the lips along these guide lines.

fox lips drawing

Step 10

Draw a line across the head, halfway up the forehead.

fox how to draw ears

Step 11

Sketch the height of the ear. Foxes have them very big!

fox ear height drawing

Step 12

Draw the outline of the ear with gentle curves.

fox ear shape drawing
how to draw fox ear

Step 13

Draw the base of the ear.

fox ear details drawing

Step 14

Draw the cheek-mane on the side of the head.

fox cheek mane drawing

4. How to Draw the Body of a Fox

Step 1

Draw the lower side of the fluffy neck, creating a step between it and the head.

fox neck drawing

Step 2

Draw the rest of the “mane” on the neck.

fox neck mane drawing

Step 3

Draw the line of the belly.

fox belly drawing

Step 4

Draw the line of the back, curving towards the hips.

fox vack drawing

Step 5

Add some furry landmarks.

fox shoudler cape drawing
fox rib cape drawing
fox breast drawing
fox tail cover drawing

Step 6

If you want to make the drawing more interesting, you can add the second pair of legs.

fox second pair if legs drawing

5. How to Finish the Drawing of a Fox

Step 1

The sketch is finished, and now it’s time to add the final lines. If you have been drawing with a pencil, you can now take a darker tool (like an ink liner) to make the final lines more striking. If your sketch is too dark for this, you can put another sheet of paper over it and draw the final lines on it.

Create the final shape of the eye by adding the eyelids.

draw fox eyelids

Step 2

Add the pupil and the eye corner.

draw fox pupil

Step 3

Outline the nose.

draw fox nose

Step 4

Outline the general shape of the head and the lips.

draw fox face

Step 5

Add the whisker holes.

draw fox whisker holes

Step 6

Add special features over the eye to make it more expressive.

draw fox facial expression

Step 7

Add the details to the ear. It should be very fluffy!

draw detailed fox ear

Step 8

Draw the cheek mane and the outline of the bone under the skin (along the nose bridge and on the cheek bone).

draw fur on fox face

Step 9

Add more details to make the face really fox-like: the marking between the eye and the mouth, the whiskers, dark nose, and dark ear.

draw fox face markings

Step 10

Outline the paws.

draw fox paws

Step 11

Outline the legs, paying attention to their anatomy.

draw fox front legs
draw fox hind legs

Step 12

Cover the whole body with fur. Whatever method you use to draw it, remember to keep the style consistent over the whole body.

draw fox fur

Step 13

Finally, you can add some basic “coloring” and shading.

shade fox simple way


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