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15 Top Glitch Video Templates for Adobe After Effects

The glitch effect has a futuristic and sci-fi style to it. It’s one of the best ways to grab a viewer’s attention at the beginning of your video.

Glitch Effect example
Here’s an example of a modern glitch effect you can use with an After Effects project.

In This roundup I share some of my favorite projects available on the Envato Market—starter projects for Adobe After Effects that you can use to create your own glitch effect. 

Basically, you can purchase one of these projects and add your own assets to it. Maybe you want to animate in the logo for your YouTube channel with a glitch effect. Instead of learning how to create the effect, you can simply grab one of these projects and drop in your logo.

Check out this tutorial if you would rather create a glitch style effect in Adobe Photoshop:

Watch & Learn

Even if you’ve never used Adobe After Effects, you can create an impressive effect. In the screencast below, I’ll show you how to get started with one of the projects featured in this roundup. 

Basically, you’ll see how you can simply add your own content to placeholders. Even when you change the original text, the glitch effect will still work. Instead of learning animation from start to finish, use a starter project like this one to create the effect.



There’s a wide variety of assets that you can use for glitch effects. Check out the roundup below to see more examples:

1) Isometric Logo Glitch

Isometric Logo Glitch Example

Ideal for: a bright, colorful glitch effect for your text animation.

2) Glitch Opener

Ideal for: combining a photo slideshow with glitchy text styles.

3) Glitch

Colorful Glitch

Ideal for: a neon retro feel with glitchy effects for your background.

4) Glitch Logo

Glitch Logo Example

Ideal for: an inexpensive way to glitch your own logo in After Effects.

5) Glitch Titles

Glitch Titles

Ideal for: this animated intro brings your title onto the canvas with a high quality glitch effect.

6) Glitch Logo Opener

Glitch Logo Opener The Future

Ideal for: combining image overlays with text in a glitch effect.

7) Glitch Showreel

Ideal for: focusing on an image slideshow with complementary glitch overlays.

8) Glitch Energy Logo

Ideal for: a simple yet eye-catching logo animation with the glitch effect.

9) Glitch Intro

Glitch Intro

Ideal for: combining a basic logo animation with background textures.

10) Circle Glitch Logo

Circle Glitch Logo

Ideal for: focusing on your  logo with a trippy graphic surrounding it.

11) Glitch Transitions

Glitch Transitions

Ideal for: using the glitch effect to rapidly switch between scenes.

12) Dubstep Glitch Reel

Dubstep Glitch Reel

Ideal for: creating a glitch video synchronized with beat-heavy music.

13) Dynamic Glitch Opener

Ideal for: grabbing an audience’s attention quickly with a simple but attractive intro.

14) Glitch Titles

Glitch Titles Pack

Ideal for: minimalist yet glitchy introductions to a video.

15) Glitch Opener

Glitch Opener New

Ideal for: a neon, brightly colored application fo the glitch effect.

Recap & Keep Learning

This tutorial might have gotten you thinking about using Adobe After Effects for the first time. With a pre-built project, you don’t have to master every app. Instead, outsource the hard stuff to video designers.

Here are a few more After Effects template round-ups to get inspiration from:

If you have any trouble using these files, let me know in the comments section below.