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15 Top Long Shadow Effects for Adobe After Effects

The long shadow effect can bring a bit of drama and on-trend style to the creative visuals in your video. With logos and graphics especially, applying a sizable shadow can really set off the look.

In this tutorial, I share 15 long shadow templates that you can purchase
on Envato Market to use in your own Adobe After Effects projects. Instead of learning an animation app from start to finish,
use these pre-built assets instead—with your own text
and logos. Even if you’ve never used video editing software, these templates make it easy to get started.

The long shadow effect styles the text in this example GIF.

15 Favorite Long Shadow Video Projects for Adobe After Effects on Envato Market

Now, let’s take a look at 15 of my favorite picks for creating this look in Adobe After Effects:

1) Long Shadow Two Preset

Long Shadow 2 Preset

Ideal for: stylized text effects with a dramatic drop shadow. 

2) Kinetic Typography 3

Kinetic Typography 3

Ideal for: focusing on a typography video.

3) Clean Long Shadow Promo

Clean Long Shadow Promo

Ideal for: a text-centric video that needs a bit of flash to catch the viewer’s eye.

4) Long Shadow Slideshow

Long shadow slideshow

Ideal for: creating a photo slideshow, complemented by the long shadow effect with overlays.

5) 100 Flat Long Shadow Icons

100 Flat long shadow icons

Ideal for: building a graphical video without the budget of hiring an animator.

6) Origami Logo Animation

Origami Logo Animation

Ideal for: animating a logo with a long shadow effect.

7) Kinetic Typography Titles Pack

Kinetic Typography Titles Pack

Ideal for: creating another affordable, typographic video montage.

8) Flat Long Shadow Infographics

Flat long shadow infographics

Ideal for: showing off statistics using the long shadow effect.

9) Explainer Hands

Explainer Hands

Ideal for: a unique explainer video that features animated graphics.

10) Corporate Logo

Corporate Logo

Ideal for: adding your logo with a shadow effect.

11) Trivia Quiz

Trivia Quiz

Ideal for: creating an attractive video for your next big trivia night!

12) Minimal Longshadow Promo

Minimal Longshadow Promo

Ideal for: an inexpensive and minimalist approach to the long shadow effect.

13) Shadow Infographics

Shadow Infographics

Ideal for: illustrating your data with a flat effect in After Effects.

14) Thunder – Long Shadow Titles

Ideal for: a highly stylized text animation that grabs the viewer’s attention right away.

15) Broadcast Long Shadow Package

Broadcast Long Shadow

Ideal for: a television quality broadcast package featuring the long shadow effect.

How to Use These Files

Here’s how to these files to create your own long shadow video in After Effects:

1) Use the Instructions

of the best things about projects from VideoHive is that the files
usually include high-quality instructions. The template I’m using in this example, Broadcast Long Shadow Package, includes a
short screencast that shows how to use the project file.

I’m using the Broadcast Long Shadow Package and it includes an easy-to-follow screencast to create your own effect.

2) Open in After Effects

need Adobe After Effects to use the projects in this tutorial.
Basically, the files below are pre-built projects that you can use with
your own assets. You use these files as a starting point to skip
learning the entire app.

After Effects Screenshot

you’ve purchased an After Effects project, double click to open it up.
These projects will work in After Effects on Mac or Windows.

3) Customize the File

each of these files, the project is just a starting point. After you
open it, you have the ability to customize most elements of it for your
own purposes.

For the example above, I simply double clicked on
the text in the screenshot to change it. After Effects opened up the
layer that includes the text in the screenshot above. Then, I can simply
type over the placeholder text and replace it with my own.

Change text After Effects project
In this example, I simply double clicked the visible text and typed over it to customize the file.

to make changes to the file until you’ve customized it to your liking.
Remember, each After Effects project will be different and it’s worth
checking the instructions to find the specifics for how to customize it.

Envato Tuts Final
I used my own text, but the long shadow effect still worked perfectly.

4) Export the Finished File

Once you’ve customized the project with your own assets, you can export from After Effects. Go to the File > Export menu and choose one of the options to send your finished video to another editor.

export options

Recap & Keep Learning

In this roundup, you’ve seen some of my favorite VideoHive assets to create a shadowed effect. If you want to learn more about using pre-built assets to do animation, check out the roundups below:

Any questions about how to use these files? Let me know in the comments section below.