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10+ Google Slides Presentation Tools: To Learn How to Use (Now)

If you’re looking for a presentation tool, don’t overlook
Google Slides. This free tool, available through Google Drive, has a lot to
offer. In fact, it’s one of the best presentation creation tools out there.

Google Slides has the basic slide presentation features,
ranging from the ability to format text and add images to the ability to use
layouts and themes. It also includes more advanced presentation tools such as
the ability to publish to the web and great collaboration features. 

For a
comparison between Google Slides and other top presentation tools,
look at: 

Important Google Slides presentation tools
Are you ready to learn all the best Google Slides presentation tools. (photo source)

In a short time, you can easily learn how to use each Google
Slides presentation tool. In this article, we point you to step-by-step
tutorials for various Google Slides features you can learn how to use right

This is a good article to bookmark. When you’ve got more time, work through all the tutorials in this article for a more complete mastery of Google Slides. 

If you’re new to Google Slides, get started with this tutorial: 

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Now, let’s go through the most important Google Slides presentation tools—with tutorials you can jump into learning more, right now:

1. Add Text and Bullet Points

With a free software tool, you’d expect limited
text formatting tools. With Google Slides, you get a full complement of text
formatting tools. Here’s a look at the Google Slides formatting tools:

Google Slides presentation Text Formatting Tools
A closer look at the text formatting tools in Google Slides.

Each number below corresponds to an icon in the illustration above:

  1. Font. Choose a font for your text.
  2. Font size. Define the text size.
  3. Text effects. Bold, italicize, or underline your
  4. Font color. Select a font color.
  5. Text alignment. Define horizontal text alignment
    as left, center, right, or justified.
  6. Line spacing. Set up line spacing between lines
    of text. This option also lets you add space before or after a paragraph and
    define custom spacing.
  7. Lists. Define various types of numbered and
    bulleted lists.
  8. Indents. Decrease or increase text indents.
  9. Clear formatting. Clear the current text

For detailed steps on how to apply formatting to your Google
Slides presentation, look at:

2. Add Images and Backgrounds

Images and photos can be a great way to add
interest to your Google Slides presentation. Fortunately, Google Slides
includes tools to help you do it. Here’s a look at the Insert Image screen:

Google Slides Insert Image Tool
Upload an image through the Insert Image screen.

Upload an image into your
professional presentation from your choice of locations. Google Slides even
gives you the tools to use an image as a background to a slide.

Find royalty-free images to use in
your presentations through Envato Elements. For more guidance on how to upload images into Google Slides,

3. Change Google Slides Presentation Themes

How your Google Slides slideshow looks determines what
people think of it…and by extension, what they think of your business.

With Google Slides, you’re not locked into a single look for
your presentation. Google Slides includes some basic themes, but for more graphic layouts and pro features you may want to use a Premium template. 

Choose from a wide
variety of professional Google Slides templates from talented designers on Envato’s GraphicRiver marketplace. Or, browse through our selection of the best: 

To make your presentation stand out, learn to use the Slide > Change Theme menu option to
apply a unique professional theme to your slideshow. You’ll find step-by-step
instructions for changing Google Slides themes here:

4. Create Google Slide Layouts

Not only does changing the theme of your presentation help
to engage your audience, adding varying slide layouts also adds interest. Google
Slides allows you to modify existing slide layouts through the Master Slides tool.

Here’s what the Master Slides tool looks like in the popular Everland
Business Google Slides Theme

Google Slides Master Slides Tool
Use the Master Slides tool to change the look and feel of your presentation.

Each arrow points to a different
layout that could be used in your presentation. All the slides in your
presentation are based on the Master
, shown at the top.

Change your slide layouts or add
new ones using the Slide > Edit
menu option. Learn how in this tutorial:

5. Learn to Use Google Slides Templates

Graphic templates are a cool Google Slides tool that you should
learn to make use of. They’ll save you a lot of time.

Let’s look an example of how convenient using a template can
be. Ordinarily, making a timeline in Google Slides would involve a lot of online
“drawing” on your part. While Google Slides does offer a Shape and a Line tool, putting the right shapes and lines together to make an
attractive infographic template could take hours.

However, many third-party Google Slides templates include a
timeline as part of the Premium design features. If you choose to use one of these pro templates,
all you would need to do is modify it in the timeline with your own
information. Instead of working on it for hours, you could have a professional-looking timeline
in minutes.

Here’s a tutorial where we modify a graphic template design from the
best-selling Marketofy
Google Slides template

The finished timeline ends up looking like this:

Finished Google Slides Timeline
Use graphic templates to create a professional timeline quickly.

How long would it take you to use
the drawing tools to make something like this on your own without a template?

6. Use Collaboration Tools

One of the strengths of Google Slides is the ability to
collaborate with others. Since the presentations are online, you can easily
share a presentation with a team member using the Google Slides collaboration

Depending on what rights you give your
collaborator, they can view, edit, or comment on your presentation:

Google Slides presentation Collaboration Tool
Use this dialog box to determine who can access your presentation.

Explore the Google Slides collaboration tools further in Tip 9 of this tutorial:

7. Use Google Slides Special Effects

You wouldn’t necessarily expect it from a free tool like
Google Slides, but you can choose from a variety of professional slideshow special
effects. Google Slides special effects rival those offered by pricier software

With Google Slides, define up to seven transition options
between slides. Google Slides transition options range from Fade to Flip to a Gallery
effect. Not only can you vary the transition effects you use, you can also
change the timing of the transitions.

In addition to the transition effects, Google Slides also
offers you the opportunity to animate specific objects on an individual slide.
Choose from 15 different animation effects.

To explore the Google Slides special effects tools in
greater depth, refer to this this tutorial:

8. Add YouTube Videos

Multimedia is everywhere these days, and slideshow
presentations are no different. Often, to really capture and hold your
audience’s attention you need to add video.

With Google Slides, add your choice of YouTube or other
video to your presentation using the Insert
> Video
menu option. Here’s the Insert
dialog box:

Insert Video Dialog Box
Add a video to your presentation for added impact.

For the complete scoop on how to
add video to your professional Google Slides presentation, review this

9. Publish to the Web

Because Google Slides is an Internet-based tool, it includes
excellent tools for publishing a slideshow online. This is convenient if you
need to use your Google Slides presentation for a webinar or if you want to
reach a remote audience.

You can even embed your presentation into your website. This
could come in handy if you’ve got a marketing presentation that you want all
your prospects to see. Google Slides even allows you to define how long each
slide appears on the computer screen and whether your presentation restarts
automatically when it comes to the end.

Learn more about how to publish a Google
Slides presentation online

10. Use Google Slides Offline

Don’t let the fact the Google Slides is an
online software tool frighten you. If you know how, you can set Google Slides
up so that you can work offline:

Settings Dialog Box for offline presentations
Set Google Slides up so you can work offline.

This feature comes in handy if your Internet is down or if
you travel to an area without an Internet connection. When you come back online,
your offline presentation automatically syncs with the online version. Learn all about how to work offline with Google Slides.

11. Run Google Slides Remotely

Did you ever wish you could use your smartphone or tablet as
a remote for a larger screen (such a projector screen or a television)? If you
travel and give presentations, learning how to do this will make your life easier.

With the right tools, you can run Google Slides remotely
from an Android or IOS device. To do it, you’ll need:

  • An Internet connection
  • Apple TV if using an IOS device
  • Chromecast device if using an Android device
  • Google Slides app

Turn to this Envato Tuts+ tutorial, for detailed instructions on how to run Google Slides

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Should you be using Google Slides to create your
presentations? Comparing Google Slides presentation features to the features of
other presentation tools shows that Google Slides offers some advantages over
other tools.

Google Slides is a web-based tool that’s ideal for
collaboration and online publishing, as well as other professional presentation
needs. When you consider that the Google Slides presentation tool is also free,
it becomes an excellent option.

Start learning how to use Google Slides
presentation tools
right now by studying one or more of the step-by-step
tutorials described in this article.