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What Is Google Slides? Great (Free) Online Presentation Software

Everyone has heard of Google’s search engine. What you might
not know is that Google also offers a suite of professional office tools.
Google Slides is one of those tools.

If you haven’t considered Google Slides, you should. It’s a
great alternative to other professional office tools. And even better—it’s
free online presentation software.

What is Google Slides free online presentation software
What is Google Slides? Should you (and your team) start using it? (photo source)

In this article, we’ll introduce you to Google Slides (also known as Google Drive Slides). You’ll learn what you can do with Google Slides. We’ll also hook you up with some resources that’ll get you started with Google Slides online presentation software quickly. Finally, we’ll share a good source for professional themes and templates for Google Slides.

1. An Introduction to Google Slides

When you set up a free Google account, several business
software tools become available to you. Those tools include:

Google first offered a presentation program for Google Docs
in 2007. Google’s free presentation software has been named Google Slides since

While the basic Google Slides is free, Google’s premium office
software, GSuite, includes a presentation tool called Slides that’s similar to
Google Slides.

Because Google Slides is cloud-based, you can access it from
any computer with an Internet connection. Simply log in to your Google account.
It also supports real-time editing and collaboration.

If you’re ready to get started with Google Slides, you’ll
find help in this multi-part learning guide: How
to Use Google Slides (Ultimate Tutorial Guide)

Is Google Slides for you? Next, read a discussion of who might find
Google Slides useful.

2. Who Needs Google Slides?

Anyone who needs to make a presentation can benefit from
using Google Slides. This includes small business owners, students and
educators, public speakers, and more.

Google Slides is free, so that makes it an ideal tool for anyone on
a tight budget. That also means it won’t strain your budget if you’re a small
business owner or a student struggling to make ends meet. You can use Google
Slides if you’ve already got a free Google account set up.

Google Slides is also a great option for anyone who doesn’t
regularly give presentations and can’t justify purchasing presentation
software, but who occasionally needs to create or edit a presentation.

Like many tools found in Google Drive, a strength of Google Slides is the ability to collaborate. Anyone with an Internet connection can be given access to
the presentation, regardless of the computer platform they use. This makes it a
great tool for project teams.

Now that we’ve explored who might want to use Google Slides,
let’s examine some of the advantages of using it.

3. Google Slides Benefits

Google Slides is a serious contender when it comes to
presentation software. If you choose Google Slides as your presentation tool,
here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  1. No cost
    Unlike some of the pricier alternatives, Google Slides is
    available for free to anyone with a Google account. Choose Google Slides and your
    wallet will thank you.
  2. Real-time editing.
    With Google Slides, the version of your online presentation is always the most
    current. You don’t even have to remember to save it.
  3. Collaboration.
    Do you work with a team? With Google Slides, teamwork isn’t a problem. Share your
    presentation with anyone who has Internet access, no matter what type of
    computer system they use.
  4. Secure sharing.
    Control who has access to your presentation when you share it. Depending on the
    level of sharing you set up, co-authors can view, comment on, or edit
  5. Revision history.
    Not only does Google Slides auto-save your professional presentation, it also
    keeps track of past versions. Go back to an earlier version of your
    presentation using the Revision History feature.
  6. Compatibility.
    With Google Slides, import slideshows from other presentation software tools. You
    can also export presentations to other software tool formats.
  7. Professional
    Google Slides includes professional presentation features such
    the ability to format slides, change text, import images, import videos, and
  8. Template
    Google Slides has a wide variety of templates available from both
    Google and from third-party vendors such as Envato’s GraphicRiver.
  9. Online publishing.
    Google Slides lets you publish your presentation online. Use a secure link to share
    your presentation or embed the presentation into your website.

For a more detailed comparison between Google Slides and
the other leading presentation software tools, read our article:

Next, let’s take a more in-depth look at how you might use
Google Slides:

4. What Can You Do With Google Slides?

Whether you’ve chosen Google Slides as your presentation
software or you’re still considering software presentation tools, you may wonder
exactly what you can do with Google Slides. Here are just a few uses for it:

1. Create and Present a Professional Presentation

Google Slides is ideal for authoring and presenting a
professional presentation. Presenter tools include speaker notes and the
ability to set up a Q & A session during your presentation. 

For a more complete
look at creating a professional presentation, turn to our new eBook, The Complete Guide to Making
Great Presentations

How to Make a Great Presentation Free eBook

2. Share a Presentation Online

Use Google Slides to create a slideshow presentation that runs
automatically online whenever anyone accesses it. With Google Slides, you can
create a shareable link to your presentation for use with social media. You can
also generate code that allows you to embed your presentation into your
website. To get step-by-step guidance on sharing your presentation online,
study this tutorial:

 3. Create a Timeline

Many business presentations revolve around a timeline. Whether
you’re on a project team or a sales team, your work probably includes

You could create a timeline with Google Slides using drawing
tools. That takes a bit of work though. With the right Google Slides template,
creating your timeline presentation is easy. To see details on how we used a GraphicRiver
template to quickly create a timeline, review this tutorial:

4. Work as a Team

As we mentioned earlier, Google Slides is a
great tool for teams. The following screen shows how to share a professional
Google Slides online presentation. Then we’ll touch on how you define each
user’s level of access:

Google Slides Sharing
When you share a Google Slides presentation, you can set the level of access the user has.

As you can see, the level of access varies by user according
to how you define it. You can set sharing up so that some users can only view
the presentation. Others can comment or even edit the presentation. You can
also remove access if someone leaves your project.

5. Add a Video

A great way to add a little excitement to your presentation
is to add a video. In today’s multi-media saturated environment, adding video
can give your presentation the edge it needs to hold your audience’s attention.

For example, maybe you want to include a few words from your
company’s founder in your presentation—but they can’t be there in person. With
Google Slides, simply link to an .mp4 or YouTube video with a short talk from
your founder. Voila! Your founder is now part of your presentation.

For a closer look at how to add video to your Google Slides
presentation, study this tutorial:

6. Create a Presentation for SlideShare

SlideShare is free online platform that allows you to share
presentations with a wider audience. The SlideShare site states that it has over 80 million users. That’s a lot of
users! Since SlideShare ranks as one of the top sites worldwide, publishing a
presentation on SlideShare can grow your market share.

With Google Slides, you can create a compelling and
professional presentation to upload to SlideShare and reach potential customers.
Discover some examples of top SlideShare presentations for inspiration in this

5. How Can I Get Started Using Google Slides?

After reading all about Google Slides, you may think
“I’d like to get started with Google Slides, but I just don’t know what to
do next.” This section is for you.

Your Google account gives you access to all of Google’s
office suite, including Google Drive and Google Slides. If you’ve already got a
Google account, you can access Google Drive even if you’ve never used it before.

If you don’t have a Google account, learn how to set one up by
following the steps in this Google tutorial:

Once you’ve signed up for a Google Account, access Google
Drive. From Google Drive, you can work with Google’s free office suite tools.
Those tools include Google Slides (and Gmail too, if you want it).

To get started quickly and easily with Google Slides, follow
the instructions in this Quick Start Google Slides tutorial:

For more in-depth instructions on how to use Google Slides,
turn to our Google Slides learning guide for a series of helpful tutorials: How
to Use Google Slides (Ultimate Tutorial Guide)

6. Where Can I Find Themes and Templates for Google Slides?

A slide presentation template or theme makes it easier for
you to create a professional-looking presentation quickly. With a professionally
designed template or theme, your presentation is sure to make a good
impression, as they come with lots creative slide designs that are ready to use. The appearance of your presentation is especially important if you
are creating a business slideshow.

Normally, you’d expect to pay big bucks to get someone to
design the “look and feel” of your professional presentation. By
investing in a template or theme, you get that same professional “look and
feel” at a fraction of the cost. Business branding has never been easier.

Plus, it’s not difficult to add a professional theme or
template to your presentation. This tutorial shows you what to quickly change the
theme of your slideshow:

Of course, Google includes some professional themes that you
can access from within Google Slides. But everyone who uses Google Slides can
use those basic themes.

For a more unique look for your presentation, turn
to a professional third-party provider. For example, the professional designers
at Envato’s GraphicRiver marketplace offer many top-notch Google Slides themes and templates. Here are just a few examples of our trending Google Slides

Conclusion + More Helpful Presentation Resources

Whether you’re a business professional, a student or
teacher, or just someone who needs to give a presentation—it’s worth looking
at Google Slides online presentation software.

You’ll find that Google Slides offers similar features to
many other presentation software packages at no cost to you. Depending on your
needs, Google Slides may be your best choice for a presentation software tool.

In this article, we’ve provided an overview of Google Slides
(also known as Google Drive Slides) that answers the question: what is Google
Slides? You’ve learned about some of its features and benefits. We’ve even
provided some resources to help you get started quickly with Google Slides online
presentation software for free.

So, what’s holding you back? Set up a Google account and
start using Google Slides for your presentation needs today. Also, grab our new eBook for more help:

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