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15 Top Logo Sting Templates for Apple Motion, for Your Inspiration

Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is easy-to-use for sequencing and cutting videos, but for animation you want to pair it with Apple Motion. And, instead of learning animation from scratch (although we’ve got you covered on that too), you can purchase inexpensive template projects from VideoHive to use with your own logo and project.

Here’s how using VideoHive for a logo animation works:

  1. Choose from one of the projects in this tutorial or from the many on VideoHive.
  2. Drop your own logo image into the pre-built project in Apple Motion.
  3. Tweak any available options to get the intro just right.
  4. Export the finished logo animation.
VideoHive Glitch animation
Use a VideoHive animation project with your own logo.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to save time when it comes to animating your logo in Apple Motion. We’ll walk through 15 great choices for logo animations and learn how to add your own logo to these pre-made projects.

Watch and Learn

If you’ve never worked with a project file in Motion, I’ll teach you how to get started in this tutorial. You’ll see that it’s easy to take a Motion project and drop your own logo into the file to animate it.



Now, let’s check out some of the top assets available for Motion.

1) Elegant Corporate Logo

Elegant Corporate Logo

This is a clean and quick introduction for your logo. You can add your own logo into this file and watch it animate through several vector elements.

Good for: an inexpensive way to animate a logo in Motion.

2) Simple Logo Reveal

simple Logo Reveal

Simple and straightforward, this logo introduction is a helpful asset for any video producer. Use your own logo in this project to animate your brand pack.

Good for: a clean and simple logo animation.

3) Transforming Logo

Transforming Logo

This intro has a metallic feel to it, with pieces of your logo assembling in the animation.

Good for: a flashier, attention-grabbing intro.

4) Splash Logo

Splash Logo

This is a fun intro that takes your logo and creates a splatter effect on the canvas. 

Good for: artistic YouTube channels or video productions.

5) Superhero Logo

Superhero Logo

This is a really interesting project that has a “glitchy” style. You can drop your own logo into this project and see it animated onto the canvas quickly. Although it is called a “superhero logo”, you can use this style with practically any style logo.

Good for: a quick but interesting animation for logo assets.

6) Cinematic Grunge Logo

Cinematic Grunge Logo

This animation has a very polished feel to it. It has a modern, space feel to it and is easy to add your own logo to.

Good for: a science fiction feel on a budget.

7) Aberration Logo

Here’s another glitch style introduction. You’ve probably seen an introduction like this where the logo jumps around on the slide before settling down in the center.

Good for: a quick pre-roll that really grabs an audience’s attention.

8) Atomic Motion Logo

Atomic Motion Logo

This would be perfect for a company that deals with scientific clients. Your logo will animate through an atomic model.

Good for: companies that deal with clients in biology, chemistry, or other scientific fields.

9) Epic Particle Reveal 

Epic Particle Reveal

The production quality of this project is top notch. Here’s an introduction that could belong in an action movie or video game. 

Good for: a high quality introduction for a broad purpose of videos.

10) Particle Burst Logo Reveal

Particle Burst

A burst of particles (small dots) flies onto the canvas, revealing your logo. This is available in resolutions all the way up to 4K.

Good for: high definition videos that need a creative introduction to match.

11) Distracting Logo

Distracting Logo

Distractions aren’t always a bad thing – sometimes they’re a way to draw your viewer’s attention to that idle YouTube browser tab. The logo assembles from multiple parts into a logo on the canvas.

Good for: an eye-catching, fast introduction to your logo.

12) Cinematic Opener

Cinematic Opener

This introduction feels like it was sourced straight from the silver screen with a dramatic and realistic animation.

Good for: the feature-length film feel on a budget.

13) 3D Lines 3D Logo

3D Lines 3D Logo

This features high gloss, colorful lines leading into your logo animation. You can easily change out the color of the lines to match your branding.

Good for: a general purpose logo animation with glossy leading lines.

14) Logo Paint Package

Logo Paint Package

Believe it or not, there are multiple projects that simulate the splatter effect! This one will throw your logo, paint style, onto a built-in newspaper effect.

Good for: a new media company out to shake up traditional publishing.

15) Quick and Simple


This asset is a great way to combine your own photos or video with your logo. It rolls through several photos or videos you can add, then shows your logo.

Good for: combining photos and video with your logo.

Recap & Keep Learning

This round-up of Final Cut / Motion projects shows off some of my favorite ways to animate a logo. When you don’t have time to learn Motion, spend a small amount on one of these projects and drop your own logo in.

Here are two more asset round-ups, plus a link to a course to learn Final Cut Pro: