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Long Shadows After Effects Preset From Videohive

Download link for tutorial video file and closed captions file: http://bit.ly/2qydBF2
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Long Shadows Preset

Long Shadows is an After Effects preset that is available to purchase from Videohive.net. It makes creating the ‘long shadows’ effect simple and easy, and it can be used on text, logos, images, even with 3rd party plug-ins like Element 3D. This look has grown in popularity in the past few years, and even if you don’t own the preset, you can follow along with the tutorial to learn how easy it works!

Tips and Tricks

To get even more out of the Long Shadows preset, I recommend using it with After Effects expressions. One of the more popular expressions is Dan Ebberts Bounce Expression from MotionScript. You can copy and paste the expression below to use as I did in the tutorial example. Make sure to hold ‘Alt’ on your keyboard as you click the key-frame stopwatch for the setting you would like to add the expression to.

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