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International Artist Feature: Nigeria

For this article in the international artist series, we turn to Nigeria,
featuring six artists who create fantastic work, from illustration to
graphic design and more! I asked each artist how their country and
culture inspired their work, and they delivered fantastic answers.

Timeyin Gordon

Timeyin is a digital artist and art director based in Abuja, Nigeria. His work features incredible 3D designs and compelling imagery. Check out a small selection of his work below, or see
more in his portfolio.

Broadcast Design Challenge

One thing I absolutely love about living in Nigeria is its
diversity in everyday life. Nothing is constant in Nigeria and I mean this in a positive way. Nigerians are intelligent and competitive, which is one of my biggest
motivating factors in respect to art, because being among my peers has actually
pushed me this far.

Broadcast Design Challenge by Timeyin Gordon
Broadcast Design Challenge


FUGLY by Timeyin Gordon

Brand Effectiveness

In a country like mine that has
various ethnic groups, variety can be a huge challenge because of
the differences in language and ideology. Using art is always simpler but
still tasking. This has enabled me to study different cultures,
geography, and languages. Every project always presents a paradigm shift
in my thought process. This has largely impacted how I get inspiration. It has also made me extremely flexible
with my thought process.

Brand Effectiveness by Timeyin Gordon
Brand Effectiveness


We have a couple of art communities
online and offline. Some amazing individuals are displaying work that beats
the expectation of a country without the same resources as the
more established industries. We, however, largely lack the resources to compete, but hopefully this
will change as we get more support for the outstanding work coming
from Nigerians.

Horology by Timeyin Gordon

Noella Ekezie

Noella is a creative director and owner of her own design firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. Her work features sleek and sophisticated branding, graphic design, and more. Check out a small selection of her work below, or see
more in her portfolio.

Girl Hub Nigeria

I live in Lagos which is the most vibrant and populous city in Nigeria.
I love the fast paced urban lifestyle and the diversity of the city. I also love the
beauty of its culture, the warmth, and the “can-do” attitude of the
average Nigerian. 

Girl Hub Nigeria by Noella Ekezie
Girl Hub Nigeria

Kachifo Schools

Because visual art is so deeply rooted in the Nigerian culture, Nigerian
cultural expression is always an inspiration for me in terms of
generating ideas for forms, color, and context in my work. However, I also love to explore possibilities in global

Kachifo Schools by Noella Ekezie
Kachifo Schools

Penuel House School Wallpaper

Penuel House School Wallpaper by Noella Ekezie
Penuel House School Wallpaper

Layton Prep School Brand Identity

With a long, established history of artistic production, the Nigerian
art ecosystem (with Lagos as its cultural hub) is constantly evolving. It has lots of galleries, art festivals, and supportive organizations like the
Center of Contemporary Art and the Goethe Institute.

Layton Prep School Brand Identity by Noella Ekezie
Layton Prep School Brand Identity

Lod Nael

Lod is an artist and designer based in Lagos, Nigeria. His work features a balance of beautiful digital paintings and creative graphic designs. Check out a small selection of his work below, or see
more in his portfolio.


Nigeria is a very beautiful country with beautiful people and an amazingly unique culture. Looking at Nigeria from an artist’s perspective makes it even more
beautiful because as an artist I see resilience, hard-work, contentment,
commitment, compassion, and happiness.

Lagos is the major economic nerve center of Nigeria. So as an artist, the chances of building my career and rising to the
pinnacle of my profession are higher in Lagos than any other city in

SmartED Painting by Nael Lod

SmartED Web Banner

Lagos is filled with so many kinds of people and that means that there are so many
kinds of cultures and influences. I’ve been living here for over 20 years so it has had a
tremendous impact on me, and made me learn about so many kinds of people.

SmartED Web Banner by Nael Lod
SmartED Web Banner

SmartED Web Banner Continued

SmartED Web Banner Continued by Nael Lod
SmartED Web Banner Continued

Poster Design

Fortunately the
population of art and design lovers keeps growing year after year, which
is a very good sign. Although most artists choose to work only with traditional mediums,
some choose to add digital art to their skills as it increases the chances
of securing a job. I believe creating local platforms and
organizing art related events will help create unity and foster the growth of the art community at

Poster Design by Nael Lod
Poster Design

Ebunoluwa Fatogun

Ebunoluwa is a graphic designer specializing in branding and 3D art who is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Her clean designs showcase her branding skills and her love of 3D. Check out a small selection of her work below, or see
more in her portfolio.

E2O Creazioni

Nigeria is a beautiful country with a wide diversity of people,
which leads to a diversity of culture. What I love about living in Nigeria is
the fact that I get to learn and witness something new every day. It
could be a different language, a different dance move, stories, myths,
music, and so much more.

E2O Creazioni Branding by Ebunoluwa Fatogun
E2O Creazioni

Redial Branding

In our diverse culture there is a strong connection between our colors and patterns, which shows up in our fashion, music, and even food. This
influences my work when I think of ideas because I always want to create something new.
The colors, patterns, and textures influence the way I create art, whether it’s 3D, abstract drawing, and so on.

Redial Branding by Ebunoluwa Fatogun

Real Designs

Real Designs by Ebunoluwa Fatogun
Real Designs

Fix-An-Event App

The art community in Nigeria is so strong, and it keeps
getting bigger and bigger every single day. It has such an immense
variety of talent and this is such a beautiful thing.

Fix-An-Event App by Ebunoluwa Fatogun
Fix-An-Event App

Uduak Akpan

Uduak is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Lagos, Nigeria. His work features a mixture of creative digital illustrations and graphic designs. Check out a small selection of his work below, or see
more in his portfolio.

MARQAI Album Art

What I love about living in Nigeria is the fact that it’s a country
with high energy and a lot of untapped potential. It takes an observant
creative to spot some of this potential and when spotted, it can be
very useful.

MARQAI Album Art by Uduak Akpan
MARQAI Album Art

Artist Chidinma Ekile

The region has influenced my work in more ways
than I can count. Nigerians are a unique set of people who are keen
about cultural practices, and since this is the language they understand, I try to place some of these cultural details into my work. Nigeria is all about communication, so it gives me new ways to
approach briefs, create art, and present brands in ways that are unique
and original.

Chidinwa Ekile by Uduak Akpan
Artist Chidinma Ekile

Artist Ill Bliss

Artist Ill Bliss by Uduak Akpan
Artist Ill Bliss

Street Samurai Local Rappers

The art community here I feel is currently
undergoing a transformation. I monitor the scene and try to push
contemporary ideas into the stream. The people need to break out of the old ways of art
appreciation and get into the new world of modern art. Some artists and collectors already do this but the majority are
still afraid to try something new.

Street Samurai Local Rappers by Uduak Akpan
Street Samurai Local Rappers

Ayobola Kekere-Ekun

Ayobola is a paper artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Her beautiful paper designs feature incredible technique matched with creative compositions. Check out a small selection of her work below, or see
more in her portfolio.

Aren’t I Pretty?

To be honest, Nigeria is home. Everyone I care about is here. I’ve lived
in Lagos my entire life; the city literally never sleeps. There’s
always a new experience waiting to be explored.

Arent I Pretty Art by Ayobola Kekere-Ekun
Aren’t I pretty?

Under the Sea

Nigeria can
be tough, but despite its shortcomings
it’s a country of survivors and resilient, hard workers. Being an artist
can be pretty frustrating here, but I’ve found it’s important to
develop coping mechanisms and forge ahead. There is always inspiration
to be found in a struggle.

Under the Sea Paper Art by Ayobola Kekere-Ekun
Under the Sea

A Woman’s Thoughts

A Womans Thoughts Paper Art by Ayobola Kekere-Ekun
A Woman’s Thoughts


The art community is getting more interesting every day. It’s becoming more liberal,
experimental, and welcoming of new forms of expression. There have been
amazing new platforms dedicated to cultivating local talent, such as Rele
Gallery and the online art news site “The sole adventurer”. It’s been a
slow but steady uprising; I feel very lucky to be a part.

Quilling Art by Ayobola Kekere-Ekun

Many thanks to the artists who took time to answer my questions
and share a bit about themselves and how their country and/or culture
has affected their work. You can check out more of their work in the
links below: