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3 Popular UX Design Courses

Want to master user experience (UX) design? What better way than by getting advice directly from UX expert Paul Boag, founder of UK Web design agency Headscape and host of award-winning web design podcast Boagworld?

Here are details of three of Paul’s recent courses, in which he distils some of the lessons he’s learned from completing UX design projects for high-profile clients such as the BBC, the European Commission, and Oxford University Press. You’ll learn about customer journey mapping, how to save users time, and more.

UX design

1. Becoming a UX Developer

“User experience” is about more than design. Developers also have an impact on the experience of users.

In this short course, Paul Boag encourages you to embrace your role as a user experience developer. He shows you how much you influence the experience of users. He suggests some places where you could make improvements. Finally, he reveals ways to become more influential in shaping the experience of users.


2. Why the Secret of Good UX Design Is Saving Users Time

Time is one of the scarcest commodities we have. Yet as web designers, we often waste our users’ time. In this Coffee Break Course, you’ll learn just why saving time is so important, and you’ll get some advice on where to begin.


3. Everything You Need to Learn About Customer Journey Mapping

“Customer journey mapping” is a popular tool among digital professionals. It’s a tool that helps them better understand the needs of users and improve the digital services they build. But what exactly is a customer journey map, why is it useful, and how do you go about creating one?

In this short course, you’ll learn everything you need to start mapping the user’s journey.


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