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Adobe XD in 60 Seconds

Adobe XD allows you to design and prototype for apps; anything from wireframes, to multiscreen experiences. Let’s see what it offers, in sixty seconds! 


Once you’ve opened the application, you can start by creating a new artboard with a variety of preset sizes, then add more artboards for additional screens within your design.

The XD Interface

Familiar tools like the line, ellipse, and rectangle tool are available from the tool bar at the left of the interface. There you’ll also find the text tool, and the pen tool which allows you to draw custom shapes.

On the right hand side is the property inspector; an area which provides a number of options for the object selected on your artboard.

If you have more than one artboard, these can be linked together by switching to prototype view. You can also set transitions between the artboards, defining the type of transition and how long each one will last.


Once your design or prototype is complete it can be shared online, to be viewed on either a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

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