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15 Simple Invoice Templates: Made For Microsoft Word

As a small
business owner, you understand that being well-organized is absolutely key to
your success. 

That doesn’t just apply to the actual work you perform on various
projects, but also to the cash side of the business. 

To get paid on time, you have to stay on top of your finances. It’s important to track how much your clients owe you and then invoice them in a timely
manner. Also, keep in mind that the invoice you send to them matters.

An invoice with a great design, helps clearly call attention to the amount owed to you. It helps push your clients to make prompt payments—while communicating the professionalism of your business brand.

Simple Invoice Template Microsoft Word
Elegant invoice template – with clearly designed total due field.

Simple Invoice Templates – With Easy to Edit Designs

On Envato Market (GraphicRiver) we have over 2,000 professional invoice templates, with new designs being added on a regular basis. They’re made for small business needs—whether you’re a solopreneur, freelancer, or contractor. 

Simple Microsoft Word Invoice Templates
Simple invoice templates – available for sale on Envato Market (GraphicRiver)

As an entrepreneur, your working hard to level-up your business to gain more clients and greater earnings. Each component you add to your business system helps it work that much more effectively. 

A quality invoice template shows your professionalism and help your clients take your business seriously. You’re that much closer to snagging more clients because of the credibility you present. In turn, this leads to more word-of-mouth recommendations and money owed getting paid out quicker.

An invoice template gives you greater efficiency, as it allows you to use the same consistent structure and present your brand professionally to all your clients.

Work with an invoice design on a regular basis, quickly customizing it to each client project. Just fill in your client’s details, deliver, and then collect your payment promptly. 

Best MS Word Invoice Templates

Browse through this curated selection of the best Microsoft Word invoice templates for your small business. All of these templates come in Microsoft Word compatible formats; and most come in other popular file types as well, like: PSD, AI, EPS, DOCX, DOC, XLXS, and PDF files.

These are simple, minimal style designs, that allow your brand to shine and invoice details to stand out clearly. Clients can quickly see just how much they owe, when it’s due, and where to send your payment to. 

1. Simple Invoice
Template in MS Word Format

This simple
invoice template features a clean and minimalistic design that gives your
business and services a professional, serious look. Its layered presentation
makes it easy for your clients to spot exactly how much they owe and when their
payment deadline is. 

All good invoices are customizable, and this one is no
exception, with completely editable colors to match your brand’s identity. Use
this invoice to save yourself time and organize product data as well as your
customer’s information. It comes in both A4 and US Letter sizes.

Simple Invoice Template in MS Word

2. Professional Invoice
Template (Print-Ready)

With a lot
of white space for easy reading and highlighting of the most important
information, this simple invoice template will save you time for repeated
billing cycles and put forth a professional presentation for your brand. 

pertinent invoicing details are shown to your clients in legible columns and
rows for easy tracking and organization. This Microsoft invoice template is also available in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop formats. Beginners can edit this
document like a pro, thanks to its effortless configurability.

Simple Professional Invoice Template Word Print-Ready

3. Microsoft Invoice
Template (Word + Multi-Format)

Invoice your
clients more professionally than ever with this great template that can be
edited and used with Microsoft Word. It’s so versatile that it even works with
other popular programs such as Adobe PDF, Illustrator and InDesign and
Microsoft Excel. 

Say goodbye to those days of having a hard time keeping track
of any outstanding payments that your clients still owe you. With this simple invoice design, your brand can present a professional style, while easily tracking and
organizing your bills. It also includes free fonts and icons and badges.

Microsoft Invoice Template Word Multi-Format

4. The
Invoice Template – Simple, Quick to Edit

With 36
total files inside, this simple invoice template includes Photoshop PSD, Vector
EPS AI Illustrator graphic files and Microsoft Word. Its smart use of color contrast makes it
a cinch for you to draw your client’s eyes to the relevant billing details of
any project. 

This document puts the power of your decision-making into your
hands, as it is extremely customizable and print-ready. Configure it the way
you want to ensure that its presentation does justice to your business and

The Word Invoice Template - Simple Quick to Edit

5. Simple Invoice
Template With Minimal Design

copious amounts of white space and a readable font, this simple invoice template is
everything a small business needs to both bill clients for completed projects
and track any outstanding payments. In short, it’s an invoice template that
will help make your business brand look professional and impress clients both
new and old. 

Print-ready and completely editable, this template provides small
business owners with the flexibility they need to customize a template to their
brand’s unique sensibilities. It comes with five colors ready to use and in A4
and US Letter sizes.

Simple Invoice Template Word Design

6. Clean MS Word Doc Invoice
Template + PSD/AI

When you’re
looking to stay organized as you bill your clients, this Microsoft invoice template
will come in handy. 

Featuring a lot of smart color contrast to ensure the
invoicing information pops out at your clients, this simple invoice can help
save you a lot of time while making sure that you are always on top of your
billing schedule. 

It comes with AI Illustrator and Photoshop PSD graphics
files as well, making it the perfect template for any project. It provides layer groups
and well-organized layers to work with quickly.

Clean Simple MS Word Doc Invoice Template

7. Simple Invoice Template for Small Business

respond positively to invoices that are clear, easy-to-read and legible.
This clean style template also includes Microsoft Word files for further
flexibility and options. If you want to save time every time that you have to
send an invoice to a new or long-time client, look no further than this simple
invoice template. 

With 41 different files and eight, unique color choices, this
is the invoice that lets you have complete control over your brand identify as
you also stay on top of your invoicing organization.

Simple Invoice Template for Small Business

8. Elegant Invoice Business Template – With Word Files

Invoices need to be functional and deliver the right billing information to clients to help them pay on time,
yet they can also be elegant and provide a highly professional presentation
that elevates your brand in the eyes of your clients. 

This Microsoft Word invoice template accomplishes both easily. With great editing
capacity and flexibility, it allows you to itemize outstanding payments for any
project and present them to clients with structure and purpose. It features
four, distinct colors, and also comes with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files, as well as free fonts.

Elegant Word Invoice Template Design

9. Multipurpose Simple Invoice
Template Design

with a plethora of file types, this simple invoice is just the document small
business owners need to help them save time and effort when they have to bill
their clients after the completion of a project. Versatile and easy-to-use, it
comes with Microsoft Word DOC, Excel XLS, InDesign INDD, Vector EPS, JPG Image, and Photoshop PSD graphics

Freelancers will appreciate its itemization layout structure, which
allows for easy scanning of numbers and moneys owed. Complete customization is
also offered, making it perfect for your unique brand identity.

Multipurpose Simple Invoice Template Word Design

10. Clear Professional Invoice Word Template Files

Your clients
will always be thankful for an invoice that is legible, readable and helps them
efficiently figure out how much they owe you. So much of that is based on a
clean layout, organization and a minimalistic presentation, and this simple
invoice does not disappoint. 

Its clear-cut columns and rows guide the eyes of
your clients to help them focus on the most important figures in your invoice. Featuring
Word files and full editing capabilities, this invoice is a must for any
serious entrepreneur.

Clear Invoice Word Template Doc Files

11. Functional Invoice Template – Word Files Included

Ideal for
all business and commercial purposes, this Word invoice template is a clear and
well-organized document that helps to automate your billing cycles for you. Simply
use the same template for any client after the successful completion of every project. 

With its readable fonts, great use of color contrast, and a layout
that’s well-suited for quick visual scanning, this simple invoice takes the hassle
out of billing for small business owners. You’ll feel comfortable editing them
to exactly fit your brand’s voice and logo.

Functional Invoice Template Word and Other Files Included

12. Simple Invoice
Template – With Multiple Colors

seven clean and unique invoices that make the billing details stand out on the
template, this invoicing solution comes with Word DOC/DOCX, Vector EPS, and Photoshop PSD
graphics files as part of the package. 

Say goodbye to the old days of
scrambling each time you have to invoice your clients—with this simple invoice,
you get to maximize your productivity and save a lot of time that you can use
to actually run your business instead. Print-ready and including Microsoft Word invoice template files, it is a cinch to customize to your brand’s identity.

Simple Invoice Template Word With Multiple Colors

13. Organized MS Word Business Invoice

To be paid
on time, you have to ensure that your clients receive invoices that are easy to
read, have all the relevant info, and keep them accountable. This simple
invoice template accomplishes all of these requirements. 

Its fully layered and
well-organized features help small business owners free up time, so they can
get back to the more important aspects of running a business instead of writing
a new invoice outline for each new client. Its Microsoft Word files are fully
editable, and it comes with 80 files overall, including Excel, PSD, PDF, and more.

Organized Simple MS Word Business Invoice Template

14. Creative Invoice
Template (Word Docs and More)

ready-to-print invoice is a joy to use, thanks to its many features. Its
HTML-responsive characteristics mean that you can view this template correctly
across all of your platforms, giving you so much more flexibility over how you
use it for billing clients. 

With its clean typography and readable layout, this
simple invoice template is sure to help you impress your clients with its
professional presentation. It comes with fully resizable Vector icons
and complete customizability. Small business owners will appreciate how much
time and effort it will save you throughout the years.

Simple Creative Invoice Template Word Docs and More

15. Elegant Word Invoice Template For Professionals

Formatting is highly important when it comes to invoicing your clients. This simple invoice template offers very structured and logical formatting that enables small business owners to send out the most professional-looking invoices around. 

With a sharp and clean design, this Word invoice template arranges all the important details into neat columns, so that clients can’t miss the most pertinent information. Colors, text and images are all under your control, allowing you to customize this template in any way that you choose.

Elegant Word Invoice Template For Business Profesionals

5 Quick Tips for Invoicing Successfully

Everyone can
send an invoice to clients, but not everyone can do it and get great results. Here
are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Follow Up With You Clients – Sometimes, a client won’t pay right away for whatever reason.
    In such a case, it’s crucial that you follow up with your client by sending
    reminders or not just another copy of the same invoice.
  2. Control the Payment Terms – In your customizable invoice, you can set down the due
    date when you expect payment along with any provisions stipulating that clients
    only get their deliverables when they complete their payment to you.
  3. Motivate Your Clients to Pay – An incentive can at times go a long way to ensuring that your
    clients pay their invoices on time, which is only helpful to your cash flow as
    a small business owner. You can motivate your clients by offering a small discount off of their invoice if they pay early.
  4. Get Payment Terms in Writing – This can work with both old and new clients. When
    you begin work with a new client or renew a contract with an existing client,
    it can help to put in writing your exact payment terms. This tends to cut down
    on any invoicing misunderstandings.
  5. Ask for Upfront Payments – Try to ask for an upfront payment (i.e. retainer) from your client
    before you even commence work on one of their projects. This way, you’re not
    just assured of getting paid, but you can also jump into the project feeling

Here’s some
extra advice on invoicing best practices and payment terms to use:

Choose Your Invoice Design Today

Save yourself
a lot of time with a professional invoice template from Envato Market. You’ll not only stay on top of your
billing cycles, but you’ll also present a quality design to your clients,
which will have a positive impact on the reputation of your business brand. All these
invoices are completely customizable, and easy to work with quickly, so get yours today!