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Learn Typography and Branding With These Graphic Design Courses

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What You’ll Be Creating

If you want to improve as a graphic designer, these two courses will put you on the right track by giving you some essential typography and branding skills.

Experienced graphic designer and brand consultant Grace Fussell will take you step by step through all the important elements of these two fundamental areas of graphic design, and you’ll also take on practical projects to help reinforce what you’ve learned.

1. The Art of Typography

In this comprehensive video course, you’ll dive head-first into the fascinating world of typography. You’ll learn how to apply fundamental typographic techniques to your own designs, and you’ll tackle a broad range of project tasks, including typesetting a book, designing a vintage-inspired typographic poster, and even creating your own digitised font. 

If you’re looking to embark on a new career in typography, or simply want to know more about the way type design affects our everyday lives, this course is going to be perfect for you.


2. Designing and Building a Brand

In this course, you’ll learn how to create visual brands from scratch and develop your brand designs into professional, comprehensive brand identities. You’ll discover how to design effective logos and icons, create typography style masters, develop professional color palettes, and design custom graphics for your brand.

Through real-world examples of successful brands, you’ll learn how to pull together your brand elements into a style guide and how to extend your brand identity into the digital world. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning brand identity for your own business or to learn more about how professional brand designers tackle branding projects for clients, this course is a fantastic place to get started!


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