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15 Best Google Slides Presentation Themes (Premium Templates to Download)

Is your business presentation fast approaching its deadline? Do you need to design a presentation deck with impactful slides? Are you ready to fire up Google Slides and get to work?

It’s challenging to take all your research and goals, then simplify it down into a meaningful presentation. It’s not easy to design a presentation that will grab your audience, connect with them, and drive your message home with clarity.

Don’t worry though, you can get a quick jump in the right direction. It begins by grabbing a great presentation template design to work with from the start. And we have you covered!

Feature-Rich, Presentation Theme Designs for Google Slides

There are a ton of professional Google Slides presentation templates featured here from Envato Market (GraphicRiver)—which are available for purchase and download.

They are all purposefully designed for multiple business presentation uses. Whether you have a sale to close, a marketing report to deliver, or an update to give to your team, these presentation templates have all the options you’d want.

They give you the features you need to design a creative and professional presentation. You can browse through new Google Slide theme or check out our best sellers (shown below):

Best Google Slides Presentation Templates
Best Google Slides Presentation Themes, available for download on Envato Market (GraphicRiver).

These Google Slides business themes have hundreds of premium presentation options. While feature-rich, they are easy to work with. You can readily add your information, insert your company images, customize each slide design, and quickly craft your presentation.

Each slide has unique designs and great visuals to choose from. They come with sophisticated visual options and numerous slide layouts. You can use them to showcase the concepts in your presentation and tell a visually engaging story.

These themes for google slides have a number of advanced features, such as: 

  • multiple layouts options
  • data presentation features
  • sales and marketing infographics
  • galleries and portfolios
  • master slide layouts
  • numerous color choices
  • animations and effects
  • and so much more

Just insert your info into these already visually impactful Google Slides themes, prep your slide deck, and you’re ready to rock your presentation!

Top Google Slides Presentation Themes

Here are more than a dozen professional Google Slides presentation templates to choose from:

1. Braum – Google Slides Presentation Template

Grip your audience with this modern Google Slides presentation template. It’s designed for multiple business needs with a number of creative layout and presentation options. If you’re pitching a new venture or showcasing your recent earnings, this template gives you the slides and features you need. 

It’s packed with over 1,000 slides, animations, vector elements, icons included, and a ton of infographic display options. It uses the free Open Sans font from Google. Download this creative business theme and design your next presentation in style! 

Google Slides Business Presentation Theme
Creative Google Slides presentation theme download.

2. Everland – Business Google Slides Theme Download

This Google Slides themes download is beautifully designed and highly functional. There are multiple pre-built slide options that come loaded with creative layouts, infographic elements, charts, graphs, icons and more. This versatile theme can be used for a new business funding request, product overview, marketing promotions, social media impact studies, training presentation, or a variety of presentation types.

Everland Business Google Slides Theme
Everland – business Google Drive template download.

3. Fox – Ultimate Google Slides Templates Design

This is a clean, modern presentation theme for Google Slides. It has a minimal design aesthetic with a number of creative features. There are over 400 unique slides that are easy to work with, as they’re set up with master slides and pre-made layouts. 

It includes custom animations, a ton of icons, handcrafted infographics, and device mockups. It’s also built with a number of stylish image layouts that are well balanced against text fields—for great slide composition. This Google Drive theme is versatile, for use as readily in a business proposal as it is in a creative portfolio presentation. Customize it readily for your next presentation, as it’s fully-editable. 

Fox Ultimate Creative Google Slides Template Design
Fox minimal Google Drive themes design.

4. Boost – Business Google Drive Slides Template

This creative business Google Slides template is set up to work with quickly and easily. You can create a professional presentation even with little understanding of working with Google Slides. 

Also, this Google Drive presentation theme has a number of options built in—with all the elements fully-editable and ready to use. There are 20 slides, 43 vector infographic layouts to work with, and over 4000 icons. The designs are based on master slides and easy to customize for your fast-approaching presentation. 

Boost Business Google Drive Presentation Themes
Boost business Google Slides themes download.

5. Jack Berry – Template for Google Drive Presentations

This creative Google Slides business theme contains tons of custom infographics, with designs that pop off the screen with dimension and realism. It’s packed with loads of graphics, from maps, charts, graphs and more. 

There are over 291 unique slides designs, made with custom layouts, drag and drop image placeholders, and it includes custom animation effects. 

You only need Google Slides to edit all the information. All shapes and elements are vectors and fully editable, from graphics to icons. There are 21 color themes to work with, so you can fit your presentation design to your brand.

Jack Berry - Template for Google Slides Presentations
Jack Berry – Google Slides Themes Presentation Design.

6. Clean – Template Design for Google Slides Presentations

Make an impact with this clean, minimal theme for Google Slides. It has everything you need to make a convincing presentation and wow your audience. Packed with a bevy of features, from over 200 unique layouts, to device mockups, infographics, maps, vector icons, and more. 

Slide backgrounds include photo layout design, text placeholders, and custom graphics. Choose your slides and quickly design your business presentation with this professional theme.

Clean Google Slides Template Design Download
Clean Google Slides theme download.

7. Business Strategy Google Slides Template

This Google Slides presentation theme is packed with features. It will save you money, time and stress! The comprehensive slide design options will do the talking for you and help you deliver a great presentation. 

There are 110 unique handcrafted slides, over 1000 vector icons, 40 custom backgrounds designs, and well documented help files. There are a ton of options for color palettes, slide layouts, aspect ratios, animation, and effects. This Google Slides theme download is ready to put to use now for your presentation.

Business Strategy Google Slides Template Download
Business Strategy Google Slides presentation theme.

8. Marketofy – Ultimate Google Slides Templates Set

This is one of our most popular Google Slides themes. It’s great for making a variety of presentations, from updating your team to impressing a room full of business investors. 

There are 200 unique slides and a ton of infographic layouts, from flow charts, process diagrams, to business models and maps. All these slides are readable at a distance and setup for real world use. 

Google master slides, image placeholders, smart graphics, vector graphics, and additional features make this theme easy to work with. It also comes with resizable graphics, custom animations, pixel-perfect illustrations, and more to help you get your presentation made with a great design solution.

Marketofy Ultimate Google Slides Theme Download Set
Marketofy ultimate Google Drive themes download set.

9. Business Proposal – Google Slides Presentation Template

If you need the ultimate business proposal deck, then this theme for Google Slides is a great choice. It’s packed with features, so you can impress your clients, colleagues, or audience. It has a modern colorful design, which is good for business funding requests, product launches, and many more types of presentations.

There are tons of pre-built slide templates to choose from with over 350 of them. They’re high quality, with eye-catching colorful designs. It’s packed with custom infographic options, pre-loaded icons, four color schemes, fully-editable vectors and more.

Business Proposal - Google Slides Presentation Theme
Business Proposal Google Slides theme download.

10. True Business Google Slides Presentation Template

Download this theme now, a creative and modern business Google Slides presentation template. It’s packed with custom infographics: maps, charts, process diagrams, graphs and more. 

This Google Drive template design uses image placeholders and master slides, so you can easily customize this theme to your presentation needs. Choose from over 100 unique slides and over ten color schemes. It also includes screen, laptop, tablet and mobile mockups.

True Business Google Drive Presentation Template
True Business Google Slides presentation theme.

11. Gajah – Creative Google Slide Template Design

A powerful business Google Slides template is just what you need to bring your presentation to life. This unique theme is for multipurpose presentation use, good for any creative industry, technology, finance, and more. 

The Gajah theme has elegant presentation features, with beautiful slide designs, image features, and text options. It includes over 100 unique slide layouts, 60 pre-built color schemes to choose from, and optional custom animations for each object. It’s fully-editable in Google Slides (master slides, shapes, icons, mockup, layouts, etc.). 

Gajah - Elegant Google Slide Theme Design
Gajah elegant Google Slide theme download.

12. Modera – Google Slides Presentation Template Design

Make the most out of the Google Slides platform. With this modern presentation theme, you can tell your story visually and captivate an audience. This presentation theme download includes 70 handcrafted slides, plenty of vector icons, versions with and without effects. It’s easy to edit, based on master slides, and is full HD and Retina ready.

Modera Creative Google Slides Presentation Template
Modera Google Slides Presentation theme download.

13. Concept Google Slides Presentation Template

This modern, multipurpose Google Slides presentation template is creative, simple, unique, and scalable. All element are easy to edit. There are 65 slides of content choices, animation options, multiple color schemes, and plenty of features to present your business concepts. 

All objects and icons are vector and fully-editable, which means you can easily change their size freely without losing resolution. You can make great use of all the infographic slide options this theme has to offer.

Concept Google Slides Presentation Template Download
Concept Google Slides presentation theme.

14. Business Development Google Slides Template

With a simple, modern design, this creative Google Slides theme download is great to show your business professionally to your clients. It’s easy to customize this template, even with little knowledge of Google Slides. The elements are professionally set up and readily editable. There are 40 Google Slides that are all based on masters slides. It includes over 4000 vector icons and 20 color schemes. It’s designed to perform well for any business presentation need.

Business Development Google Slides Template
Business Development Google Slides theme download.

15. Swiss Style Google Drive Template Design

Grab this contemporary Google Slides template! This presentation design is one of the most stand-out themes for Google Slides. It has a modern yet bold, graphic style theme, which will bring life to any business presentation. It’s very easy to edit content and change colors as needed in this theme. 

The typography used in this template stands out, the animation options are understated, and it includes the graphic PSD files. If you want your presentation to have a classic design style with impact, then this is a quality Google Slides template to download now!

Swiss Style Google Slides Template Design
Swiss Style Google Slides theme download.

5 Design Tips for Better Google Slides Presentations

Dig into these helpful design presentation tips, so you can make the most out of your professional Google Slides theme, wow your audience, and crush your business presentation:

1. Keep Your Slide Designs Simple

Take care with the info you present and don’t pack too much into each slide you design. You want your information to present cleanly. Use the slide design to pull together your concepts and elements. Make sure to use plenty of space and not over-pack your slides.

Keep in mind, less is often more effective. Presenting info clearly and professionally builds your credibility as a presenter. It’s what leads to connecting with an audience, pushing your narrative forward, making your concepts understandable, and landing a client or closing a deal.

Below is an example of a simple slide design, from the Google Slides template Fox, which pairs an authentic image with a display of services. 

Simple slide design from Fox Google Drive template
Simple slide design example, from the Fox presentation template.

Note how the slide has plenty of space around elements and feels like it can breath, while communicating effectively.

2. Choose Appropriate Colors and Fonts

Each of these presentation templates comes packaged with multiple color themes. You should readily make use of these pre-designed options. But, take care when customizing the colors, or adding elements that might visually disconnect with the overall color scheme. Colors stands out immediately in each slide you present and can confuse your audience if used inappropriately. You want everything to clearly fit together.

Fonts are also an important part of a professional presentation. Your typography choices have a subconscious effect on viewers, causing them to have a gut reaction to your business presentation that is either positive or negative. 

Install the font that the Google Slide theme you downloaded recommends. The presentation designer built the theme to coordinate with it. Or make sure you choose a font that is professional, modern, and works well with the presentation layout design.

3. Make Best Use of Theme Features

Review all the slide options that your Google Slides presentation theme download came packaged with. 

Many of these templates come with a number of slide options, each with unique design elements, layout options, animation choices, and more. Each one is designed for a purpose. Be selective by using only those slides that best represent the concepts you want to communicate.

Make sure each slide you use is simple to understand at a glance. Use an infographic when that’s appropriate, but stick to just simple text title over an engaging photo when that’s all that’s needed. For example, the Jack Berry Google Slides template has infographic layouts that are visuals engaging, which may be perfect for your presentation: 

Engaging Infographic Slide Design Example
Engaging infographic slide design, from Jack Berry Google Drive theme.

Make use of the template’s master slides, placeholders, and design elements, as they will keep your presentation design style consistent and professional. They’ll also save you time when designing.

These presentation templates come packed with features and options, don’t feel like you have to use everything available in them to make an effective presentation. Instead, only use the features that you need.  

4. Use the Right Text, Photos, and Graphics

Your goal is to make a compelling presentation that is easy to understand. You want your information to be clear and the meaning to be immediately understood by your audience.

Add only quality photos and graphics to your presentation. You want each slide to feel professional and read clearly. It’s all too easy to get carried away with stock photos, or try to overdo it with an infographic, or too many bullet points. You don’t want to add unnecessary clutter to your slide design, which just makes it confusing.

Do you really need that long description? Is that illustration helping? Is that really the best infographic for this slide? Question every element you add to your presentation. Everything you include should bring more understanding to the story you’re telling your audience and the points you make.

5. Bring Clarity and Focus

With all the ideas and research that go into your presentation, it’s tough to condense it down, so your message rings with clarity. With each slide in your presentation, pick just one concept to focus on. And tell a story as you pull each slide together into a compelling narrative. Notice how the message in the heading below connect to the image it overlays. It tells a story and the design comes across as elegant and focused: 

Focused Google Slides Layout Example
Focused google slides layout example, from Business Proposal theme

Keep in mind that the more info you try to pack into your slides, the more animations, the more overdone effects, and design elements you include, the more jumbled and confusing your presentation becomes. Whereas, a more minimal approach to presentation design lends more purpose to your message. Instead, work to bring an intense focus to your slides.

Have a clear goal and present only those slides that helps you reach it!

Presentation Design Resources

Here are a handful of additional presentation resources from Envato Tuts+ to make sure you choose the right presentation software, start your presentation right, and get going with creating an effective presentation design:

Grab a Great Google Slides Template Today

Any one of the Google Slides presentation themes referenced in this article will give you great design options. You can choose the best format for your info, and put together just the right slides that connect with your audience.

Note: Our staff updates this post regularly, adding the best new presentation templates with professional designs.