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How to Design and Build a Material Design App

Material Design principles

Google’s Material Design took the web design world by storm when it was introduced in 2014, and its popularity has continued to grow since then.

If you still need to get fully up to speed on Material Design, the two courses described below are ideal for you. In the first course, you’ll master the fundamentals and build a simple app, and in the second course you’ll take it to the next level and build a fully functional Material Design app. 

1. Getting to Know Material Design

In this course, Adi Purdila will introduce you to Material Design, Google’s widely discussed visual language. You’ll learn the definition of material, its properties, and the basic principles of the language.

In later lessons, you’ll design a very simple application using Material Design, and to finish up the course you’ll find a quiz to test what you’ve learned.

2. Build a Material Design App

Google’s Material Design has quickly become a popular and widely implemented design language. Many Android users now expect their apps to conform to the material design spec, and app designers will expect you to be able to implement its basic principles. 

In this course, Envato Tuts+ instructor Ashraff Hathibelagal will show you how to build a practical, fully functional Material Design app that is ready to publish on Google Play. 

Starting from the app design created by instructor Adi Purdila in his course Getting to Know Material Design, you will learn how to work with the various Material Design UI widgets available in the Android Support library, such as FloatingActionButton, TextInputLayout, and RecyclerView. You will also learn how to perform read and write operations on a modern mobile database called Realm.

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